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Bedroom. Play room. Fun room. Surround kids with home décor as unique and colorful as they are.
animals growth chart
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personalized kid's name throw pillow cover
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personalized kid's castle wall mural art
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timeline growth chart
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deluxe baby keepsake kit
751 reviews
100 good wishes growth chart
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personalized tree house wall mural art
starting at $135.00 $79.99
personalized things kids say throw pillow cover
starting at $36.00 $29.00
personalized rag doll
60 reviews
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children's wooden wall art
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children's flashcard valets
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personalized elephant announcement throw pillow cover
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birth year keepsake box
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gund comfy cozy
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personalized jungle wall mural art
starting at $135.00 $79.99
personalized stork announcement throw pillow cover
2 reviews
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Kids Decor

Find fun kid’s décor and kid’s decorating ideas, only at RedEnvelope. Our selection offers all sorts of options for kids decorating rooms, including picture frames and photo albums, kid’s decorating pillows, and personalized baby blankets that transition easily from nursery to big kid room.

Kid’s décor can be gifted for any major moment in a child’s life; keep this gift category in mind as birthday gifts for him or her, congratulations gifts, and more. A birthday will feel even more important when paired with décor and furnishings that make the room more grownup. Any graduation, from pre-school to high school, can be accompanied by unique pieces of children’s room decorations. Extracurricular activities and achievements can also be celebrated with our home decorating ideas for kids!

Children love having their own clearly defined space, so a personalized kid’s wall sign is the perfect start to a kid’s room makeover. Choose from two designs that declare the room as his or her “hangout”; personalize the sign with your child’s name. Each style also says “My World, My Universe, My ROOM!”. These are great as birthday gifts for her or him; they are especially appropriate when paired with a gift of a new bedroom that doesn’t have to be shared with siblings.  Other personalized toys and gifts for kids offer them a blank canvas and art supplies, so they can add their own message and images.

Our kid’s masterpiece art kit has everything he or she needs to add his or her own artistic touch to the room. The set comes replete with an artist-quality canvas, a wood and glass frame, two paintbrushes, a palette (just like a real painter has!), and six acrylic paints. Children can create and frame their artistic vision, for a truly personal piece of room décor. Other items like our handprint canvas kit and assorted stepping stone kits, offer room for hand and footprints. Kids can pretend they’re a famous celebrity, stamping their prints into the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard!

Personalized quilts are a popular option in kid’s room décor. They can be used on their bed each night, or draped over the footboard in case it gets chilly. Many opt to decorate with quilts, though, hanging them on the wall instead. Many of our keepsake blankets and quilts are perfect for decorating, and we even have the accessories needed to hold them in place. Quilts might not be as popular with children as gifts of toys for kids, but mom and dad will surely appreciate them. Some options, like the handprint growth chart quilt, also track your child’s progress each month or year.

Growth charts are a fun, interactive way to dress up a kid’s bedroom or play space. Just hang the chart at the correct height, and decide how frequently to update it. Kids will get a kick out of checking their growth, and noting each inch upward. One style lists 100 good wishes, and another has slots for photos. Both are great alternatives to marking up a wall – especially if you rent your home! Pieces of kid’s décor, like these growth charts and blankets, are also thoughtful as housewarming gifts. People usually shop for the adults when buying housewarming presents, but it’s a new space for the little ones as well.

Get in good with the parents by presenting gifts of home organization storage. Kids are notoriously messy, and anything that keeps the chaos under control will be heartily welcomed. Try an organic hanging wall organizer, available with a purple cow or green alligator design. Matching organic toy storage bins come print with either a bright yellow monkey or a cheeky purple hippo! Fill either of these gifts with some new books or a plush animal friend to please little ones and parents alike.

Kids love having their own space to decorate, and they’re more likely to keep it clean if they love how it looks. Shop unique gifts of kid’s décor and room furnishings to make their room the coolest one on the block!

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