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It doesn’t quite feel like the holidays until the Christmas stockings are hung by the chimney with care.
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Christmas Stockings

For many people, Christmas stockings are the very best part of the whole holiday. Here at RedEnvelope, we tend to agree! See our unique Christmas stockings, and find the perfect one for each family member. Our personalized Christmas stockings add a customized element to your home décor, and help little ones to know exactly which gifts belong to them. Find a full assortment of Christmas stockings, from traditional to whimsical, online at RedEnvelope. Then, see our collection of Christmas stocking stuffers to get everything you need for filling them up!

Christmas stockings have become a part of many a family’s holiday traditions, and they bring a little bit of extra cheer to the festivities. Some parents select a new stocking each Christmas, to commemorate the passage of another year. This can begin with baby Christmas gifts of his or her first Christmas stocking, and continue until they’re all grownup. Hopefully they will incorporate the tradition into their own celebration each year! Try announcing a theme each year, and selecting coordinating stockings. There are stockings featuring Disney characters and Nickelodeon characters; both are perfect for little ones. You can also purchase stockings made of particular materials, or comically large over-sized stockings, or stockings in an unexpected color. Trying to best last year’s stockings will become a fun game that the family looks forward to.

Personalized Christmas stockings are a great idea for anyone, but large families can find them particularly helpful. Have each stocking customized with the person’s name, and then wait for them to be magically filled overnight. This helps to ensure that Santa puts the right gifts in each person’s stocking! Speaking of gifts – what should you fill these stockings with? Christmas jewelry is just the right size, so you might want to tuck a jewelry box in the toe of the stocking. Fill the rest up with inexpensive gifts, so she will be even more surprised when she hits gold. Men’s cufflinks and accessories are equally welcome within Christmas stockings. Ties, wallets, and pocket watches are just a few of the many items that can be carefully nestled inside the stocking.

Christmas gifts for home & entertaining can also fit well inside his or her stocking. Consider smaller items like candles and candleholders, bottle openers, or fun coasters for stocking stuffers. Gadget gifts, including high-tech desk toys, wine accessories, and handy electronics, are great in his or her stocking. Try pairing a gadget or tool with the item that it can be used on; this makes the gift immediately appealing and way more fun. You could tuck an electronic wine thermometer in the stocking, and add her favorite bottle of red. Or, shop a leather beer holster, and include a bottle of his preferred brew. Use your imagination when shopping – ‘tis the season for spur of the moment gifts and fun surprises!

Children’s stockings are, of course, a huge deal on Christmas morning. They’re usually the first items tackled by little kids, because they offer easy access to gifts. There’s no gift wrap to tear open or tissue paper to rip away – they can just dump the stocking’s contents out on the floor! Stocking stuffer Christmas gifts for kids range from plush stuffed animals and rag dolls to keepsakes and craft kits. Children usually consider bigger as equaling better, and that holds true for stocking size. Stocking stuffers, though, are often best kept small. Children are hoping to find tons of gifts inside, and you can fit more items in there if you opt for small presents. So wrap up the big toys, and set them under the tree. The stockings are for children’s jewelry, figurines, action figures, fashion dolls, video games, and handheld gaming systems.

Wow them with special deliveries in their Christmas stocking, courtesy of St. Nick – and RedEnvelope!

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