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natural jewelry

Discover our collection of natural jewelry perfect for any occasion.
nina nguyen stella earrings
$500.00 $280.99 - you save 44%
mabel chong blue topaz dome charms
$299.95 $224.99 - you save 25%
nina nguyen stella necklace
$500.00 $280.99 - you save 44%
mabel chong blue topaz linked earrings
$159.00 $89.99 - you save 43%
personalized solitaire birthstone ring
134 reviews
starting at $40.00
customized circle birthstone pendant
20 reviews
starting at $140.00
nina nguyen bedford black druzy ring
starting at $400.00 $186.99
mabel chong blue topaz linked necklace
$69.00 $37.99 - you save 45%
nina nguyen geode ring
$320.00 $148.99 - you save 53%
mabel chong blue topaz necklace
5 reviews
$89.00 $65.99 - you save 26%
skinny birthstone bracelet
60 reviews
starting at $90.00 $39.99
nina nguyen petal earrings
$300.00 $148.99 - you save 50%
mabel chong chain cascade earrings
1 review
$399.00 $223.99 - you save 44%
channel set birthstone bracelet
7 reviews
$109.00 $80.99 - you save 26%
nina nguyen petal necklace
2 reviews
$250.00 $169.99 - you save 32%
mabel chong coin pearl necklace
$99.00 $55.99 - you save 43%
square + circle birthstone pendant
16 reviews
starting at $29.95 $10.99
oval birthstone stud earrings
16 reviews
$55.00 $49.99 - you save 9%
solitaire birthstone pendant
18 reviews
starting at $99.00 $47.99
mabel chong pearl small stardust cluster earrings
1 review
$59.00 $32.99 - you save 44%
customized family embrace birthstone necklace
11 reviews
starting at $120.00
artisan birthstone ring
25 reviews
starting at $43.99
sterling birthstone stacking rings
36 reviews
starting at $84.95 $24.98
mabel chong sky blue topaz chain earrings
7 reviews
$59.00 $43.99 - you save 25%
birthstone bracelet
$99.00 $73.99 - you save 25%
artisan birthstone bracelet
10 reviews
starting at $55.99
mabel chong stardust bead pearl long necklace
$299.00 $167.99 - you save 44%
artisan customized birthstone necklace
22 reviews
starting at $98.95
inspiration quote bangle
48 reviews
starting at $59.99
birthstone + letter pendant
12 reviews
starting at $120.00
mabel chong keshi pearl earrings
15 reviews
starting at $59.00
classic birthstone charm bracelet
15 reviews
starting at $14.99
mabel chong stardust bead teardrop earrings
$59.00 $28.99 - you save 51%
birthstone locket
7 reviews
starting at $169.95 $127.98
mabel chong stardust bead necklace
$69.00 $32.99 - you save 52%
customized mother's embrace birthstone necklace
79 reviews
starting at $124.95 $59.99

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The products above have an average rating of 4 / 5.0 from 648 reviews

Natural Jewelry

One thing that comes natural to us here at Red Envelope? Offering nothing but the very best in unique and exclusive gifts and keepsakes. That’s why alongside our many cool and classic picks, you’ll also find a wonderful array of inspired natural jewelry that is perfect for all sorts of occasions. From naturally-designed bracelets and rings to earrings and necklace, there’s a lot to choose from in our natural store.

Some of our natural jewelry is included in designer Mabel Chong’s beautiful collection. Her use of natural gemstones and pearls make her collection stand out. Her freshwater pearl necklace is a perfect example of naturally-made jewelry that complements any outfit. We also feature natural jewelry from Nina Nguyen’s elegant collection. Her geode ring sparkles like magic with its unique geode stone implanted in a 22K gold band.

Simply put: gifts that are naturally made aren’t hard to find when you shop Red Envelope. Put it down to our simple-to-navigate website, detailed product descriptions and handy customer product reviews. And there’s more to love about the Red Envelope shopping experience as well. Our great customer service, extensive shipping options and stunning gift wrapping will make your gifting experience a memorable one.

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