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The October birthstone is the striking opal. Revered for centuries as one of the most auspicious birthstones the opal is thought to possess the virtues of all other gemstones. Opal featured jewelry the makes a perfect gift for an October birthday, or the mother to be of an October baby. Delight in the beauty of RedEnvelope’s october birthstone jewelry collection and give the gift of birthstones.
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October Birthstone Jewelry

The many colors the opal possesses led the ancient people of the earth to believe that Opals are blessed with the virtues of all other gems, making the October birthstone one of the most revered gemstones in history. The beauty of the opal continues to inspire people today and it’s not hard to see why.

Opals are the birthstone of October, and they’re perfect for symbolizing the mystery and excitement of this moody month. October birthstone jewelry rings were essentially the very first mood rings, which seem to change in appearance and hue, in reaction to your emotional state. The stone actually contains tiny spheres of silica gel, which refract light in an infinite number of ever-changing rainbows and shimmers. Without a microscope, though, it looks like pure magic! The deep symbolism of this gem means that gifts of opal birthstone necklaces could offer much more than just what meets the eye…

For October birthstone jewelry and its modern day alternatives, see RedEnvelope’s range of elegant jewelry, from vintage inspired and artisan-crafted pieces to elegant modern classics and everything in between. Today there are plenty of options for birthday gifting, and nothing is more likely to leave a lasting impression than giving the personal gift of birthstone jewels.

The perfect October birthstone gift is one of our popular birthstone charms, which are hand cast in silver and loved by single charm wearers and charm collectors alike. Featuring the semi-precious gemstone that corresponds to the wearer’s birth month, they can be worn alone or with a cluster of additional charms.

Tell her that she is special by remembering to research her birthstone. Like a personalized gift, an offering of October birthstone jewelry adds a dimension of care and thought to your gift. It’s as easy as looking to our birthstone jewelry guide, which will lead you through the selection process and help you to find the perfect gift of jewelry for your lucky recipient.

Australia's national gemstone is the opal, and the lion’s share of its mining takes place there. The vast continent’s Asian neighbors have long been besotted by the beautiful gem and it’s easy to see why. Bought as gifts for those lucky recipients back home, Opals make a beautiful centerpiece to many a ring, necklace and brooch.

The jeweler’s birthstone poem of 1870 says of the October birthstone: “October's child is born for woe; and life's vicissitudes must know; but lay an opal on her breast; and hope will lull those woes to rest.” Many people used to believe that anyone born in October would bear the curse of the witching month, so opal jewelry gifts were revered for their purity and healing. Thus, traditional October birthstone jewelry features the opal.

These unique birthday gifts are incredibly beautiful, so they’re a favorite in fashion jewelry as well. Men and women with October birthdays are said to be extremely adaptable, with a quick wit and a resourceful nature. October birthstone jewelry is equally versatile, looking stunning on pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets alike.

Opal birthday gifts for her will lend an intriguing air to any outfit, and the stone’s reputed benefits might be a bonus. October birthstone jewelry, gifts, and accessories symbolize purity, hope, and innocence. The stone can seem to blaze with every color of the rainbow, so it is thought as blessed with the positive characteristics of every other birthstone. It’s no surprise that ancient peoples thought that opals could summon the natural powers of the cosmos!

Opal birthday jewelry has another quality that sets it apart – the gem “prefers” being worn often. Opal jewelry gifts can pale or crack if they become too dry or hot. Wearing them on your skin provides humidity to maintain the delicate balance the gem needs to stay vibrant. This affinity for close contact may be why opals are traditional 14th wedding anniversary gifts. The turbulent play of colors and sparks within the gem can also indicate a desire to rekindle the flame between spouses. Another option in October birthstone jewelry features tourmaline gems instead of opals. Tourmaline is known as the “gemstone of the rainbow”, and is said to represent long-lasting love and friendship. It is also a traditional choice in 8th anniversary gifts.

The cost of opal birthstone gifts depends on many factors, so affordable options may be offered as alternatives. Family jewelry and birthstone jewelry for mom often uses pearl, mother of pearl, moonstone, or pink tourmaline charms to represent children born in October. When seeking special Mother’s Day jewelry and accessories, though, you might want to splurge on real opal pendants and baubles. Moms and grandmas deserve the very best on their special day, and RedEnvelope is happy to help. We offer both pink tourmaline and opal birthstone jewelry, so there’s something for everyone among our selection of online jewelry & jewelry accessories.

Opals easily qualify for the title of “timeless beauty jewelry”; they’ve been in favor for hundreds of years, and show no signs of going out of style. The prism-like play of colors and sparkle makes it easy to match opal jewelry with any outfit you’re wearing – perhaps this helps to account for its popularity! A gift of opal birthstone jewelry will take her breath away at first glance, and then become one of her favorite everyday accessories. Shop today and find the perfect piece online at RedEnvelope.

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