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The November birthstone is the citrine. Those with this birthstone are thought to be wise in nature and have a heart of gold. Buy citrine birthstones for November birthstone gifts or for the mother to be of a November baby. Citrine’s bright amber glow is said to carry the warmth and light of the sun. Give the gift of citrine this November and let her light shine through.
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November Birthstone Jewelry

November birthstone jewelry warms the heart and soul – such is the power of citrine birthstone gifts! Cheer up winter days with November birthstone jewelry gifts of chipper citrine gems. The alternate birthstone for November is topaz, which is very similar to citrine in color and meaning. Citrines are often labeled as “golden topaz”, though the two stones are not technically related. The topaz comes in a rainbow of colors, but citrines are limited to the hues of rich honey, burnished gold, and (of course) the citrus fruits that inspired the name.

For November birthstone jewelry and its modern day alternatives, see our extensive range of elegant jewelry, from vintage inspired, artisan-crafted pieces to elegant modern classics and everything in between. Today there are plenty of options for birthday gifting, and nothing is more likely to leave a lasting impression than giving the personal gift of birthstone jewels.

The perfect November birthstone gift is one of our popular birthstone charms, which are hand cast in silver and loved by single charm wearers and charm collectors alike. Featuring the semi-precious gemstone that corresponds to the wearer’s birth month, they can be worn alone or with a cluster of additional charms.

Nothing says “you’re special” like personalized jewelry. Tell her that she is exceptional by researching her birthstone. Like a personalized gift, an offering of November birthstone jewelry adds a dimension of care and thought to your gift. It’s as easy as looking to our birthstone jewelry guide, which will lead you through the selection process and help you to find the perfect gift of jewelry for your lucky recipient.

Why not compliment her jewelry collection with one of our luxury jewelry boxes, catchalls, jewelry rolls or portfolios? Soft leather and silver accent our range of jewelry storage options. Protect your assets with tarnish free lining and well-designed compartments that house rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other precious treasures.

The centuries old birthstone poem says “Who first comes to this world below; in dreary November's fog and snow; should prize the topaz amber hue; emblem of friends and lovers true.” Since citrine can also emblemize “friends and lovers true”, citrine birthstone gifts are equally appropriate as November birthstone jewelry. The gems do share a reputed symbolism, though; they are both considered to have extraordinary healing powers. November children are said to be kind, caring, and warm-spirited; all of these coordinate perfectly with citrine and topaz traits.

Citrines are perfect as graduation gift ideas, because they’re supposed to stimulate the mind and promote clarity of thought. What sentiment could be better for the new high school or college graduate? Citrine birthstone graduation gifts are also ideal as baby keepsakes and christening gifts, confirmation presents, bat mitzvah gifts, and more. Optimistic citrines are well suited for the November child who has succeeded at any big accomplishment!

Citrine shows up often in friendship jewelry for her, like our “meanings of friendship” bracelet. This multi-gemstone bauble includes bezel set citrines, to represent happiness. Matching “meanings of friendship” stackables include November birthstone jewelry rings, and unique briolette friendship drop earrings for her complete the look. The gems share another common thread, in that they are each associated with anniversary gifts. Citrine gifts are traditional for 13th anniversary celebrations, and topaz gifts for 16th anniversary celebrations.

Select family jewelry with citrine charms for each November baby; some can be engraved with the child’s name or birthday, to further personalize the gift. Other pendants arrive with engravings that describe the traits associated with the birth month and stone. One November necklace reads, “Passionate-Optimistic-Kind”. These qualities are said to be true for anyone born in November, and they reflect the symbolism of the citrine gem as well.

We also have jewelry for mom and grandma that include representations of the whole family on a single accessory. The “mother’s embrace” birthstone brooch is open to holding up to five gems within its circular form. If the family won’t fit in just five spaces, you can add the matching “mother’s embrace” birthstone necklace. Both of these customer top-rated gifts are available in gold and silver, to coordinate with her personal style.

The citrine adds an element of warmth and whimsy to a gift for your girlfriend or wife. A couples’ birthstone necklace pairs up the gem for each of your birthdays, and sets them within a shining sterling silver heart. Another similar style can hold up to five heart-shaped birthstone charms; they dangle from the bottom edge of another sterling silver heart outline. Pick each of your birthstones for a romantic gift, or make it a sentimental gift, with each child’s birthstone as well.

Surprise a loved one with the unique appeal of citrines, and see their eyes light up. Besides, this underrated gem needs some recognition – it’s tired of being mistaken for the topaz! Shop today and brighten a smile with an intoxicating November birthstone jewelry gift. Unassuming citrines seems to become more beautiful with every glimpse, so these beauties are likely to become an everyday accessory.

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