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mother in law gifts

Flowers, jewelry, accessories and more compose our unique collection of gifts for your Mother-in-law.
personalized jewelry roll
20 reviews
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
whimsy bird ring holder
11 reviews
$35.00 $13.99 - you save 60%
200 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies
22 reviews
cherry blossoms candle
140 reviews
$50.00 $36.99 - you save 26%
teapot + cup set
1 review
starting at $60.00 $28.99
tea gift set
6 reviews
$40.00 $21.99 - you save 45%
year of wishes candles
28 reviews
100 good wishes candle
14 reviews
cashmere sweater wrap + pant
7 reviews
starting at $190.00 $113.99
living succulent wreath
62 reviews
$99.99 $89.99 - you save 10%
wood jewelry display
5 reviews
$55.00 $25.99 - you save 53%
Purple Dendrobium Orchids
89 reviews
loved ones pearl necklace
1 review
starting at $49.00
amanda sterett parker earring
$75.00 $55.99 - you save 25%
women's therapeutic slippers
244 reviews
starting at $40.00
family pearl pendant necklace
3 reviews
starting at $79.00 $49.99
personalized butterfly heart wall art
12 reviews
starting at $80.00
personalized butterfly heart throw pillow cover
53 reviews
starting at $36.00
loved ones stamped pendant
23 reviews
starting at $100.00
personalized milestones necklace
538 reviews
starting at $50.00
hidden message family necklace
5 reviews
$119.00 $89.99 - you save 24%
personalized mom's recipe wall art
2 reviews
starting at $80.00
personalized kitchen towel
50 reviews
classic pearl + diamond earrings
10 reviews
$99.00 $73.99 - you save 25%
family tree birthstone necklace
53 reviews
starting at $184.95 $59.99
red stoneware mixing bowl set
5 reviews
$80.00 $62.99 - you save 21%
personalized charm necklace
20 reviews
starting at $69.00
lollia candles
2 reviews
inspire bracelet
44 reviews
starting at $45.00
embroidered kitchen towels
1 review
artisan customized birthstone necklace
22 reviews
starting at $98.95
triple gemstone meaning earrings
$79.00 $36.99 - you save 53%
hanging glass bird feeder
$49.95 $37.99 - you save 24%
mar y sol havana tote
$119.00 $89.99 - you save 24%
women's Acorn spa slippers
80 reviews
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
gemstone cuff
$99.00 $29.99 - you save 70%
channel set birthstone bracelet
8 reviews
$109.00 $80.99 - you save 26%
nest votive candle set
11 reviews
lollia relax spa gift set
1 review
nested ring holder
3 reviews
$40.00 $29.99 - you save 25%
glass dome serving tray
11 reviews
$90.00 $66.99 - you save 26%
savanna envirosax market bags
57 reviews
$40.00 $29.99 - you save 25%
floral jewelry catchall
2 reviews
$60.00 $24.99 - you save 58%
tree growing kit
3 reviews
$27.00 $19.99 - you save 26%
steep up to the plate tea valet
$12.00 $9.99 - you save 17%
breakfast tray
5 reviews
$90.00 $39.99 - you save 56%
mar y sol juliette handbag
$85.00 $40.99 - you save 52%
ulster weaver tea apron + towel set
$35.00 $26.99 - you save 23%
glass garden globe + plant
129 reviews
$24.99 $19.99 - you save 20%
women's five-star terry robe
57 reviews
gourmet dipped fancy berries
299 reviews
starting at $24.99
mabel chong keshi pearl earrings
15 reviews
starting at $59.00
personalized letter necklace
14 reviews
starting at $40.00
customized circle birthstone pendant
20 reviews
starting at $140.00
amour + taken pendant necklaces
3 reviews
$59.00 $25.99 - you save 56%
ceramic teacups + wooden saucer
4 reviews
starting at $70.00 $19.99
teardrop meaning pendant necklace
2 reviews
$89.00 $65.99 - you save 26%
white topaz heart pendant necklace
1 review
$70.00 $38.99 - you save 44%
delicate white topaz bangle
starting at $130.00 $47.99
elizabeth w. relaxation travel set
$80.00 $39.99 - you save 50%
personalized jewelry portfolio
4 reviews
$69.00 $49.99 - you save 28%
personalized large leather jewelry box
110 reviews
$299.00 $119.99 - you save 60%
lollia fragrances
1 review
$50.00 $36.99 - you save 26%
zip coin + card wallet
1 review
$50.00 $17.99 - you save 64%
nugaard waterfall necklace
4 reviews
$79.00 $36.99 - you save 53%
eco pillow - call your mother
$90.00 $49.99 - you save 44%
customized family embrace birthstone necklace
11 reviews
starting at $120.00
bonsai growing kit
11 reviews
$35.00 $19.99 - you save 43%
birthstone bracelet
$99.00 $73.99 - you save 25%
multi strand gemstone necklace
2 reviews
$149.00 $73.99 - you save 50%
cashmere crewneck sweater
2 reviews
starting at $200.00 $99.99
eastern accent five elements candles
13 reviews
$32.00 $23.99 - you save 25%
ceramic teapot with wooden handle
6 reviews
starting at $70.00 $19.99
planet bangle
starting at $79.00 $36.99

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Mother in Law Gifts

‘Happy Birthday’, ‘congratulations’, whatever the occasion, we’ll help you toast your mother in law with an amazing present she’ll love. After all, there’s nothing we love more than a gift that’s personalized, classic, sophisticated and bound to make someone special happy.

From distinguished items for the kitchen and dining room, to pretty pieces for display in the living room. Count on us for a cool and contemporary assortment of treasure-forever ornaments and home wares. Just like our exceptional china serving platters and delightful coffee cups! We’ve got mother-in-law gifts all wrapped up.

Shopping for a woman who seems to already have everything? Lost for ideas? Don’t worry! How about a present with a totally personal twist? Our personalized Mother-in-law gifts are guaranteed impress! Discover a huge array of truly elegant, customizable gifts in many exceptional designs now. Simply shop the assortment and you’ll find that much of our glassware, jewelry, keepsakes and even apparel is available to personalize with a name, date or special heartfelt message of your choosing. Browse mother in law day gift ideas by the hundred. With our extensive selection of impressive keepsakes and gifts, we know you’ll be spoiled for choice.

You can even depend on us for glamorous jewelry too. We’ve got a fun and truly fabulous piece of jewelry with her name on it-- literally. Case in point? Our many engraved and bracelets and necklaces. Available in gold, silver or platinum and ready to be set with either a birthstone, diamond or garnet, we’ve got glitz and glimmer galore. They’re just the thing to make a chic and sophisticated statement.

Flowers for mother-in-law are easy to find too. Shop our flower department today and discover mixed bouquets and flower arrangements to suit every taste. Whatever you pick, we’ll make sure your lush or fragrant choice arrives fresh, on time and ready show its full beauty.

Or, perhaps you’re new to the family. Searching for a present for future mother-in-law? Then take a look at RedEnvelope. You’ll be amazed by our selection of jewelry, apparel and home décor. Luxurious, exclusive and 100% guaranteed to impress. We’ve got the goods to wow your new mother in law.

She’s a part of the family, and a second mother to you. The relationships between mothers-in-law and their sons or daughters-in-law are notoriously bad, but most families get along just fine. Show her that you don’t subscribe to the concept of an evil mother-in-law, by presenting her with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift! Traditional gifts of Mother’s Day flowers, jewelry, and frames are all appropriate gifts for your mother-in-law, and these safe bets can be relied on if you’re unsure of her preferences. Hummingbird feeders and rain chains will appeal to gardeners, along with seed sets for flowers and herbs. Classic strands of pearls and pearl stud earrings are Mother’s Day jewelry choices that will please the most conservative of mothers-in-laws! Family birthstone brooches and Murano glass bead necklaces and bracelets add bursts of color for the mother-in-law who prefers bright and cheerful accessories. Multicultural families can show their joy at having joined families with a “languages of mom” bracelet or necklace. These both come engraved with the word “mom” in assorted languages from around the world. The pendant and bangle bracelet both form Mobius strip infinity shapes, with a gentle curve that twists elegantly in a never-ending circle.

Any day is mother-in-law day at RedEnvelope. That’s because we feature a vast array of presents to suit any occasion -- all designed with moms in mind. Thanks to our massive variety of special picks, it’s easy to find a one-of-the-kind token. So check out the entire collection today. For the best mother in law gifts, look no further than RedEnvelope, your premier online destination for sumptuous and exclusive presents and keepsakes.

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