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mother's day rings & necklaces

Our collection of Mother’s Day necklaces, rings and bracelets will tell the tale of true appreciation for everyone in your life who has the unique gift of being a Mom.
braille sisters necklace
14 reviews
$79.00 $58.99 - you save 25%
personalized milestones necklace
544 reviews
starting at $35.00
personalized solitaire birthstone ring
136 reviews
starting at $40.00
personalized letter necklace
16 reviews
starting at $40.00 $19.99
eternity focal pendant
18 reviews
$65.00 $29.99 - you save 54%
sterling birthstone stacking rings
36 reviews
starting at $84.95 $25.98
kris nations birthstone necklace
16 reviews
$48.00 $19.99 - you save 58%
stacking gemstone ring
4 reviews
$79.00 $36.99 - you save 53%
personalized sentiments bar necklace
2 reviews
$70.00 $59.99 - you save 14%
kris nations state necklace
23 reviews
starting at $48.00 $24.99
teardrop meaning pendant necklace
3 reviews
$89.00 $65.99 - you save 26%
white topaz heart pendant necklace
1 review
$70.00 $24.99 - you save 64%
mabel chong stardust bead necklace
starting at $69.00 $24.99
amour + taken pendant necklaces
3 reviews
$59.00 $17.70 - you save 70%
family embrace birthstone necklace
41 reviews
starting at $9.99
15th anniversary crystal necklace
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
customized luck + good fortune family necklace
4 reviews
$70.00 $21.00 - you save 70%
3rd anniversary pearl necklace
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
nugaard waterfall necklace
7 reviews
$79.00 $29.99 - you save 62%
square + circle birthstone pendant
18 reviews
starting at $29.95 $10.99
brevity city script necklace
$100.00 $29.99 - you save 70%
chinese zodiac charm necklace
3 reviews
$100.00 $39.99 - you save 60%
jenny bird mantra necklace
$100.00 $39.99 - you save 60%
10th anniversary white sapphire necklace
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
family pearl pendant necklace
4 reviews
$79.00 $29.99 - you save 62%
personalized graduation sentiment bar necklace
1 review
$70.00 $59.99 - you save 14%
personalized anniversary sentiment bar necklace
1 review
$70.00 $59.99 - you save 14%
solitaire birthstone pendant
18 reviews
$99.00 $47.99 - you save 52%
jenny bird earth angel wood pendant
$180.00 $100.99 - you save 44%
20th anniversary emerald necklace
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
artisan sentiments necklace - friendship + motherhood
3 reviews
$89.00 $39.99 - you save 55%
true blue friends necklace
2 reviews
$99.00 $29.70 - you save 70%
2nd anniversary garnet necklace
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
1st anniversary gold nugget necklace
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
4th anniversary sky blue topaz necklace
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
5th anniversary blue sapphire necklace
1 review
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
nugaard iolite cascade necklace
1 review
$89.00 $29.99 - you save 66%
triple gemstone meaning necklace
$129.00 $39.99 - you save 69%
mabel chong blue topaz linked necklace
1 review
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asha zodiac pendant
3 reviews
starting at $300.00 $99.99
jenny bird half moon wood necklace
$300.00 $99.99 - you save 67%

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Mother's Day Necklaces, Rings & Bracelets

Mother’s Day necklaces, rings, & bracelets show your mom that you appreciate her more than words can say. Our stylish jewelry for mom includes birthstone jewelry, trinity necklaces, and elegant brooches. Find mom jewelry to suit any style, from ornate bracelets to understated pendants. RedEnvelope’s collection of online jewelry & jewelry accessories has beautiful baubles for every mom!

Birthstone jewelry is a classic choice that mothers and grandmothers have been enjoying for years. Our family tree birthstone necklace features round cut birthstones set within a graceful tree pattern. You can select up to eight birthstones, so these are perfect for grandmas with lots of grandchildren. The matching family tree birthstone brooch has the same design, but without the gleaming round border. Either can be worn with any outfit to add a splash of personality and sentiment! Other stylish jewelry & accessories for mom include pendant necklaces with charms for each child, or a family necklace that includes the parents and kids. Artful silver figures link arms on this pendant, representing mom, dad, and up to three children.

Trinity necklaces, infinity necklaces, and eternity pearl necklaces all represent the same concept: eternal love. A triple ring necklace has one ring for the past, one ring for the present, and one ring for the future. Infinity signs and perfect circles both make figures with no beginning or ending; thus they are perfect representations of mother’s enduring love. Our mother’s eternal love necklace demonstrates this feeling as well; the shining silver pendant forms the shape of a mother gently cradling her baby in her arms. Her kids will always be babies in her heart, and the mother’s eternal love necklace captures that idea in a graceful design.

Our mother’s gemstone bracelet features a medley of gems that symbolize different elements of motherhood: blue apatite for intuition, yellow citrine for a sunny disposition, and purple amethyst for love and friendship. We also offer “meanings of motherhood” stacking rings, which boast bezel set gems and engraved bands. There is a peridot ring (for happiness), a blue topaz ring (for love and affection), and an amethyst ring (for harmony and dreams). The inside of each band in the trio is engraved with a single word: “loving”, “giving”, or “inspiring”. Mom can wear the these Mother’s Day rings stacked on one finger, or across her hand.

RedEnvelope’s jewelry for her includes several choices that depend on how many children are represented. The “what fills her heart” necklace, for example, is a heart-shaped pendant that has between on and four loose, bezel set diamonds inside. A similar design has the same concept, but with loose freshwater pearls instead of diamonds. Another loving arms necklace has the silver mother shape, but with room for up to four freshwater pearls to be “wrapped” in her arms. One customer favorite is the whimsical and adorable pea in a pod necklace. The sterling silver pea pod can be filled with tiny “peas” made of pearls; as with the other necklaces, you select one per child.

If your mom prefers classic, elegant jewelry, she will love our mother & child heart ring. The sterling silver design has a heart that is engraved with the word “mother”. The band overlaps the heart at one side like a tag, labeled with either “daughter” or “son”. This ring may just become her everyday jewelry, along with her wedding band! Our mother’s birthstone necklace has similar clean lines and an understated look. A silver rectangle cradles up to five birthstones in the hollow center as a tangible representation of her family.

Mother’s Day necklaces, rings, & bracelets have more meaning than generic gifts of jewelry, and they will warm mom’s heart when she opens her present. Any accessory that lets her show off each one of her kids or grandkids will be a treasured memento upon first glance. When mom slips on a set of cherished mother stacking rings, the sweet sentiments will catch her eye throughout the day. Three rings are engraved to read “all that I am”, “all that I hope to be”, and “I owe to you”. What mom wouldn’t have a melted heart after receiving such a gift? Choose a bauble with symbolism to add meaning to her gift; our strawberry necklace is a unique choice that she will love. Strawberries are said to represent “sweetness in life and character”, which makes them just about perfect for moms and grandmas. The pendant is cast from real strawberry leaves, and accented with tiny garnet berries. Mom will happily show off this piece to friends and family! Make it even more special with some creative packaging: dangle the jewelry from a sculpted jewelry tree instead of popping it in a gift bag. Mom will love receiving two gifts in one, and all of her other accessories will soon travel to the new jewelry tree. Present her with Mother's Day jewelry & accessories, plus jewelry storage, to warm her heart this May.

Suit your mom’s style and find a gifts for her that she will love with Mother’s Day necklace, rings, and bracelets from RedEnvelope. This year will be the best Mother’s Day yet with these jewelry presents to choose from!

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