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march birthstone

March birthstone jewelry features beautiful aquamarines. This gem is true to its name, reflecting hues of ocean blue, green, and turquoise.
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March Birthstone

March birthstone jewelry gifts of aquamarines are every bit as beautiful as their watery namesake. Stare into the brilliant facets of an aquamarine, and see a snapshot of the sea, with hues of blue, green, and vivid turquoise. It’s like holding a shell to your ear, but you’re seeing the ocean inspiration instead of hearing it! Browse our March birthstone jewelry rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for her to find the perfect gift of birthday jewelry. Aquamarine jewelry is also ideal as baby keepsakes and jewelry for mom to wear. Parents with little ones born in March will love having an aquamarine charm or ring to represent their bundle of joy. If you want to get a head start on your shopping for next month's birthdays, check out RedEnvelope's selection of beautfiul diamond April birthstone jewelry.

If you were born in March, you might have a touch of mermaid appeal about you. March kids are often water babies right from the start, feeling as comfortable in the pool or ocean as they do on land. They’re also consistent, like the ever-present tides of the seas. There’s nothing wrong with buying birthstone necklaces for yourself, so why not splurge on something special that’s just for you? Consider birthstone fashion bracelets as personalized 21st birthday presents, or “push presents” as a reward for your hard work in labor and delivery. Aquamarine jewelry can also be presented as unique birthday gifts for anyone that is ocean-obsessed, regardless of his or her birth month. You can start little ones off in style, with baby keepsakes of aquamarine jewelry. These should be kept tucked away until they can be worn without being a choking hazard, though. Consider an aquamarine rosary necklace, baby ID bracelet, or pair of piercing stud earrings for the utmost in fashionable baby accessories.

Aquamarines have another distinction that isn’t quite as well known – they’re the gemstone associated with 19th anniversaries. Most couples don’t have big celebrations for this milestone, but it’s still an important day! It’s just a year away from the big twenty-year mark, which is quite an accomplishment for any couple. Shop purple gemstone anniversary gifts like a couple’s birthstone heart necklace, which traditionally features both of your birthstones, set inside a silver heart outline. You can choose any birthstones that you prefer, though, regardless of birth month. The amethyst gemstone is associated with forming new friendships, expressing affection, and good health. What better symbol could there be for a marriage that’s headed for the two-decade mark?

The captivating light turquoise hued gems weren’t always the jewelry for those born in March. The month’s birthstone used to be bloodstone, which is also known as chalcedony quartz or heliotrope. The green jasper stone is dotted with red iron oxide spots, making each gem distinctive. It is called “bloodstone” because an ancient legend says that the first jasper grew from drops of Christ’s blood at the foot of his crucifixion cross. The original birthstone poem of 1870 read, “By her who in March was born/No gem save Bloodstone shall be worn/They will ensure her constancy/True friendship and fidelity.” The gem is often expensive and difficult to acquire, though, so March’s birthstone was changed to the aquamarine.

Both gems make beautiful jewelry for her, but aquamarines are undoubtedly more versatile. It could be difficult to match your clothing to bright green and red, unless you were dressing for the holidays! The versatility of March birthstone jewelry also contributes to the popularity of the gem. Aquamarine gifts – especially those of aquamarine jewelry – can go with almost anything in your wardrobe. The gemstone can seem to change colors in different lighting, or when compared to your hair, clothing, or skin tone. This results in timeless beauty jewelry that can be coordinated with matching hues of blue, green, and aqua, or complimentary colors like reds, maroons, and oranges. Owners of aquamarine jewelry will often find themselves wearing the same pieces over and over again; why not add to the selection with new pieces of equally functional aquamarine birthstone jewelry?

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