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Whether it’s itty-bitty pictures of tiny tots or precious pups, lockets & locket necklaces keep loved ones close at heart.
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Locket Necklaces

Most people think of necklace lockets when considering photo accessories, but there are many different varieties of this sentimental jewelry. RedEnvelope’s exclusive collection includes sterling silver locket gifts, monogrammable locket cuff links, and romantic heart locket necklaces. Tuck a treasured photo or memento inside for a unique gift that will warm their heart when they open it up! Traditional necklace lockets have a hinged door that opens to reveal one or two photos. RedEnvelope has taken this classic gift and made it unique, with options like locket keychains, locket cuff links, and Key To Your Heart lockets. There are locket gifts for him and her among our selection; the hardest part is deciding what to hide inside! If you’re seeking stylish jewelry for mom, pictures of her children are an obvious choice. Our locket necklaces and pendants for women can be personalized with initials, names, or sweet nothings.

Ladies don’t have to wear their photo jewelry gifts around their necks; Victorian locket bracelets keep loved ones close at hand. Our beautiful silver plated locket bracelet features scrolled monograms, ornate links, and space for up to eight photos. Moms and grandmas can have their whole family represented with just one jewelry gift! If dad or grandpa wants to keep family photos with them, our locket cuff links are the perfect choice. Each sterling silver cuff link has a rectangular shape with beveled edges, so they aren’t too flashy. If he wants to share the pictures, he can snap open the locket to show off his photos. Locket necklaces and cufflinks are a beautiful way to feel the presence of loved ones who have passed away. Brides and grooms can wear locket jewelry at their wedding to honor late parents or grandparents.

Lockets are the perfect jewelry gifts for jewelry lovers, because they can be personalized and worn every day. Your locket present might just become his or her signature accessory! Creative gift givers can “pre-fill” the locket with special pictures or trinkets for an even more personal present. You can use photographs, of course, but other mementos work well. A tendril from baby’s first haircut, a petal from an anniversary bouquet of roses, or a print message will make the jewelry into a thoughtful and original present. You can even soak a tiny piece of cloth with your favorite perfume or cologne; your loved one will be reminded of you each time they open the locket and catch a whiff of your scent.

You don’t have to select an actual locket to convey the sentiment that personalized jewelry offers. Hidden Message cuff links, for example, have space for a tiny rolled up scroll with a personal message. You can also use the stainless steel cylinder to hold a small keepsake; no one will know that he’s wearing your heart on his sleeve! Love Letter necklaces are another intriguing choice for sweet and fashionable jewelry. A tiny sterling silver envelope is centered on the chain; the envelope actually opens and closes to reveal a miniature letter inside! A single sheet of silver “paper” is engraved with the words “I Love You”, and the back can be customized with your name.

Other innovative locket designs include symbol lockets, which are great for men and women. The circular pendants have either a cross or horseshoe shape on the front, and room for a single picture inside. Locket gifts for couples make sweet anniversary or wedding presents; try our Key To Your Heart locket and cuff links so they both have a new accessory. The heart locket necklace has a keyhole design on the front, and the matching cuff links are shaped like padlocks and keys. These presents, along with classic picture lockets, make wonderful Valentine's Day jewelry gifts for friends, family, and lovers!

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