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january birthstone

Discover January birthstone jewelry from our dazzling collection. Garnet jewelry reflects the durable and hardworking nature of January babies.
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January Birthstone Jewelry

The birthstone for January is garnet, which has long been revered as a powerful gem that offers protection. The birthstone poems originally published by jewelers in 1870, say, “By her who in January was born/No gem save garnets shall be worn/They will ensure her constancy/True friendship and fidelity.”

The intense red hue emulates the actual color of blood, and the figurative color of love. As such, it is an especially popular pick in jewelry for her. Garnet jewelry looks especially lovely when set in gold, but it is versatile enough to suit silver and platinum, too. The gem adds a vintage touch to any accessory, even if it’s brand new. There’s just something about the golden-red color that evokes thoughts of years past. January birthstone jewelry gifts will delight anyone born in this month. Consider birthstone necklaces as graduation gift ideas, and birthday gifts for her or him.

Garnet jewelry can last for generations, so you might have some pieces gleaned from grandma’s jewelry box already. You can feel a connection to your ancestors when you adorn yourself in January birthstone jewelry rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Grandmas that are ready to pass down heirlooms might opt to give garnet birthstone jewelry as baby keepsakes or unique birthday gifts. Big moments – like when he or she turns thirteen, sixteen, or twenty-one – are perfect for mom gifts. Mothers can also present their own children with 18th birthday gifts of timeless beauty jewelry, replete with garnets, of course! Consider garnet jewelry as a wedding gift for your little one on her big day; it might comfort her to have a tangible representation of your love as she walks down the aisle.

New year babies aren’t the only ones that love garnets – their appeal is practically universal. It is also the gemstone associated with couples celebrating two or eighteen years together. These 18th and 2nd anniversary gifts of garnet jewelry represent love and respect for many future years together. Garnets are also said to symbolize protection from nightmares, and a soothing presence that leads you through the darkness. The same can be said of many a devoted husband or wife! Anniversary gifts or unique birthday gifts of garnet heart jewelry will delight any recipient; choose from the matching garnet heart bracelet, charm necklaces, stackable rings, and earrings for her.

Shop garnet jewelry for mom if she has one or more children that were born in January. She can rock family jewelry that represents each of her little ones, no matter how grown up they may be. Some designs are sleek and modern, while others boast old world style that will attract second glances. Mom will love any chance to show off her brood, and our jewelry will stand up to the scrutiny of her friends and family. Stackable birthstone rings have loops of silver that hold the oval cut garnet in place; mix and match this ring with others in the set to represent additional family members. Or, opt for a mom’s birthstone ring, which lines up all the gems on one everyday staple accessory.

January’s birthstone has long been considered to help the wearer become lucky in love. We’ve added the gem to other romantic jewelry gifts, so everyone can enjoy the reputed benefits. RedEnvelope’s collection of online jewelry & jewelry accessories has garnets done in the most whimsical of ways. One pendant has a garnet that is carved into an intricate rose, and another necklace has a garnet charm alongside frog and crown charms. The implication, of course, is that one must kiss many frogs before finding the prince charming! No matter your reasons for wearing – or gifting – garnet jewelry, you’re sure to bring smiles to the faces of friends and family. Shop today and find the perfect January birthstone garnet jewelry at RedEnvelope.

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