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Christmas Table Centerpieces

‘Tis the season for Christmas flowers and Christmas décor. Deck the halls of your home with Christmas floral centerpieces, or present them as Christmas hostess gifts at holiday parties. There’s no better way to get a house into the holiday spirit!
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Christmas Table Centerpieces 2013

The lights are strung outside, the halls have been decked, the tree is adorned with ornaments, and all of the christmas gifts are wrapped with care. Doesn’t the dining room deserve some Christmas décor as well? Add a rich holiday hues and fragrances to any home with Christmas floral centerpieces from RedEnvelope. They’re ideal as Christmas hostess gifts at holiday parties, or as an impromptu present for someone that you forgot to shop for. Just be sure to order Christmas flowers for your own mantle or tabletop, because you won’t want to give these beautiful blossoms away!

Winter is always full of holiday parties, and we often attend several in one season. There’s the office party, the neighborhood block party, the family party, the friend party…and maybe more. Tradition and good manners dictate that you should bring a hostess gift to thank the party-throwers. Christmas flowers & Christmas plants are perfect as housewarming gifts. They’re meant to go on display for a limited period of time, so they won’t feel obligated to show off your gift once the holiday decorations come down. Every host or hostess appreciates additional party décor, and fresh flowers are always appealing. You probably don’t need any sort of hostess gift for the holiday celebration at work, but anyone opening his or her home to guests should be thanked appropriately. It’s important to be nice this time of year…Santa knows what you’re up to!

Bring a warm glow to the Christmas dinner table with natural light. On your next dinner get together send your guests off with a Christmas table centerpiece as meaningful friend gifts. Our range of candles and candleholders make wonderful Christmas centerpieces and transform into useful home décor for the rest of the year. Our lugano candelabra and modular candleholder adds refined elegance to any meal, or send a beautiful message for the holidays with our punched porcelain letter votives, which are pierced through with holes in the shape of letters to spell either HOME or LOVE. Create a warm Christmas village scene at the dinner table with a village luminari - a set of five quaint houses that glow from within with LED battery-operated tea lights (which are included).

Our preserved flower holiday table runners make stunning Christmas centerpieces. Versatile enough to adorn the Thanksgiving table, fall harvest table as well as Christmas table making them the perfect hostess gift on any visit this winter. Keep the Thanksgiving decor fun with with our Cubist Chips & Dip Set. Not to mention some of our wreaths are preserved so they can be used year after year. Another addition to the families tradiditons can be hanging the wreath on the door. Fresh flowers in a vase are wonderful too, and better yet, a potted plant dressed up with ribbon and tissue paper makes a great recyclable centerpiece idea.

Create your own stunning (and edible!) Christmas centerpieces, with RedEnvelope’s holiday tree tower cookie cutter kit, which comes with ten star-shaped cookie cutters in graduated sizes, to create cookies that can be stacked to form a geometric Christmas tree! Sit your cookie centerpiece in the middle of the dinner table and hope that people can resist the temptation to nibble on it before dessert is served! Edible centerpieces also make wonderful gifts for neighbors and friends who stop by during the holidays.

The Christmas table is incomplete without a Christmas centerpieces. Used to bring symmetry and grace to a table, once you begin to dress up your table for the holidays, the practice will certainly become an annual tradition. Elevate the décor this year with centerpieces, and show your family and dinner guests that extra special touch of hospitality.

It happens all the time – you think you’re done with your Christmas shopping, and someone unexpected shows up. Christmas floral centerpieces make lovely gifts for impromptu guests, surprise gift exchange parties, and thank you gifts for the people that help you out each day. Schoolteachers, mail carriers, manicurists, and accountants are just a few examples of those who may deserve some extra appreciation this season. They might not be allowed to accept gifts, but they will certainly appreciate the effort. Some shoppers feel that this is a polite and discrete alternative to the holiday bonus that may be expected. Be sure to keep some Christmas cards on hand a well, so you can personalize the present without anyone catching on! You can also select small Christmas stocking stuffers, ornaments, or gift cards as small holiday thank you gifts.

Floral Christmas gift baskets can be displayed exactly as they arrive, overflowing with seasonal flowers and greenery. Traditional poinsettia and holly berries are arranged amongst crimson red roses and carnations, with snow-white lilies, irises, and tulips for contrast. Laurel fronds and leafy accents bring in the forest green hue that captures the spirit of the season when paired with bright red. You can also disassemble a Christmas centerpiece, and make it into many small floral decorations. Take individual flowers and arrange them in tiny bud vases, or arrange spruces of greenery at the top of each stocking. Float some buds or blossoms in shallow dishes of water, or surround them with candles for an elegant display.

Candles and candleholders are perfect for illuminating your Christmas centerpiece, and making it the focal point of your décor. A tall arrangement can be set within a border of small tea lights, while a shorter bouquet can contrast against tall candleholders. Choose unscented candles that won’t compete with the distinctive holiday florals, or candles in Christmas-friendly scents like cinnamon and mulberry. Either way gives you a home that looks and smells like a little piece of the North Pole! Our sense of smell is very closely tied to our memories, and Christmas scents are especially poignant reminders of years past. Vanilla and cinnamon tend to inspire the warmest feelings, likely because they’re associated with the comfort foods of childhood. These same smells happen to help men get in the mood for romance, so your holiday décor might just benefit your relationship.

Order a smattering of Christmas centerpieces, and display them throughout your home. Every room will have a touch of the holiday spirit, and you will have extra gifts on hand just in case! RedEnvelope has the most beautiful and fragrant holiday centerpieces; shop online and have them delivered straight to your door.

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