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birthday gifts for men

It’s his one chance each year to let loose – encourage him to celebrate with these birthday gifts for men.
electric wine opener
$102.00 $56.99 - you save 44%
8 piece beer tasting set
106 reviews
homemade gin kit
12 reviews
wall bottle opener
101 reviews
personalized wood cuff link case
12 reviews
$85.00 $62.99 - you save 26%
personalized golf towel
109 reviews
$39.00 $28.99 - you save 26%
executive hanging wall valet
3 reviews
$150.00 $19.99 - you save 87%
bull catchall
200 reviews
$50.00 $36.99 - you save 26%
brooklyn beer making kit
4 reviews
personalized golf ball markers
15 reviews
chillsner beer cooler set
10 reviews
reclaimed ballpark cuff links
203 reviews
starting at $180.00
men's acorn spa slippers
306 reviews
personalized leather travel bag
9 reviews
$399.00 $99.99 - you save 75%
personalized hidden message collar stays
539 reviews
$45.00 $22.50 - you save 50%
personalized golf link toppers
79 reviews
$35.00 $17.50 - you save 50%
personalized leather tie + accessories case
8 reviews
$125.00 $69.99 - you save 44%
Star Wars™ cuff links
16 reviews
$149.95 $119.95 - you save 20%
personalized portland growler
54 reviews
brown natural wooden watch
50 reviews
$120.00 $69.99 - you save 42%
personalized locket cuff links
119 reviews
personalized pocket compass
189 reviews
lou holtz autographed photo
1 review
men's five-star terry robe
68 reviews
turo grooming set + dopp kit
2 reviews
$99.00 $49.99 - you save 50%
House of Marley Legend in-ear buds
$200.00 $149.99 - you save 25%
personalized leather messenger bag
17 reviews
$295.00 $73.75 - you save 75%
contemporary vinyl records
3 reviews
starting at $12.00 $9.99
classic vinyl records
4 reviews
starting at $18.00
iliac mashie shoe bag
$170.00 $43.99 - you save 74%
iliac letterman golf shirt
$180.00 $79.99 - you save 56%
magnetic cube cardholder case
5 reviews
$40.00 $9.99 - you save 75%
house of marley riddim on ear headphone - desert
$150.00 $74.99 - you save 50%
desktop spinning top set
$39.00 $9.99 - you save 74%
autographed classic baseball bat
starting at $599.95
autographed classic baseball
2 reviews
starting at $150.00
iliac golf towel
$30.00 $14.99 - you save 50%
taki lowry watch
5 reviews
$90.00 $49.99 - you save 44%
men's cashmere crewneck sweater
2 reviews
$270.00 $134.99 - you save 50%
dachshund cardholder
8 reviews
$40.00 $13.99 - you save 65%
nachtmann glass highball set of four
4 reviews
$60.00 $44.99 - you save 25%
men's personalized pajama set
1 review
$90.00 $29.99 - you save 67%
autographed classic basketball
1 review
starting at $219.95
autographed current baseball
starting at $170.00
cork screw + foil cutter
$35.00 $19.99 - you save 43%
zb savoy the costello tie
$80.00 $28.00 - you save 65%
boombotix water resistant bluetooth speaker
3 reviews
$99.00 $69.99 - you save 29%
zaunick turntable cuff links
$259.95 $90.99 - you save 65%
zb savoy the clooney silk tie
1 review
$90.00 $31.50 - you save 65%
ferrari by logic3 - suderia FS1 bluetooth sound system
1 review
$549.95 $439.96 - you save 20%
Deluxe Snack Attack
3 reviews
starting at $69.99
mazda rx-7 remote control drift car
$329.95 $197.99 - you save 40%
down the hatch flask + shot glass set
6 reviews
$64.00 $34.99 - you save 45%
zb savoy the aviator tie
$80.00 $28.00 - you save 65%
MLB™ baseball bat bottle opener
23 reviews
starting at $99.00
ceramic megaphone sound amplifier
3 reviews
$400.00 $148.99 - you save 63%
zaunick shark tie bar
$140.00 $104.99 - you save 25%
juniper bonsai
206 reviews
zb savoy the cs lewis silk tie
$90.00 $31.50 - you save 65%
zb savoy old fashioned tie
$80.00 $28.00 - you save 65%
zaunick americana helmet cuff links
$280.00 $97.99 - you save 65%
himalayan salt tequila set
20 reviews
$52.00 $38.99 - you save 25%
zaunick turntable tie bar
$150.00 $89.99 - you save 40%
zb savoy the andre gentleman's bow tie set
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
iliac pledge to walk
starting at $45.00 $15.99
personalized couples key dates wall art
134 reviews
starting at $80.00
hidden message leather card case
9 reviews
$35.00 $25.99 - you save 26%
TPC sawgrass golf cuff links
11 reviews
watch movement cuff links
120 reviews
personalized leather catchall
82 reviews
$49.00 $24.99 - you save 49%
hand held bottle opener set
5 reviews
$19.00 $9.99 - you save 47%
nachtmann shot glass set of four
1 review
$32.00 $29.99 - you save 6%
MLB™ baseball team wallet
53 reviews
starting at $150.00
personalized family tree wall art
358 reviews
starting at $80.00

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Birthday Gifts for Men

Your guy’s birthday is coming up – what is he secretly wishing for this year? Maybe he’s hoping to get some gadgets and tools, travel accessories, or cufflinks for men. Or, maybe he’s holding his breath for a sexy surprise, courtesy of his girlfriend or wife! RedEnvelope has items that fulfill all of these wishes, plus many more gifts for men that he’s never considered. We bet you can find a gift for boyfriend that’s so perfect, it will prompt him to propose right then and there…or at least put the idea in his head! Whatever you choose is sure to please, because we’ve gathered the best in guy-friendly birthday gift ideas.

Gadgets & tools aren’t exclusively for men, but the fellas sure do seem to like them. If your boyfriend or husband is an aspiring mechanic, handyman, or high-tech expert, these gifts will make his day. They also make your life a little easier – we swear! Consider, for example, the guy that loves working on cars. How many times has he asked you to hold a flashlight while he fixes the engine? He won’t have to ask again if you give him a Gorillatorch flexible tripod flashlight. Maybe he likes to climb up on the ladder, and have you hand him nails and screws as he works. Buy him a Magwear magnetic wristband, and officially retire as his assistant. There are also gadgets are geared towards his interests, like a solar powered sound system for the outdoor entertainer, or a rapid wine aging tool for the vino drinker. Other popular choices include the universal remote control + bottle opener (as seen on The Today Show!), the deluxe coin sorter valet, and the wireless talking BBQ + oven thermometer.

You can find birthday gifts for men that globe trot, by checking out gifts of home, office & travel for him. No matter if he’s out and about for business or pleasure – a travel gift for boyfriend or husband will wow him. Suit-wearing men will appreciate a standing valet, which will keep his coat, pants, shirt, and tie neatly draped when they’re not being worn. A leather excursion travel case can be gifted along with the valet, so he will have room for holding his toiletries. The matching leather excursion tie + accessories case tucks his stylish ties and jewelry into a sleek case for protection. The leather travel wallet completes the set, and holds his ID, cards, money, tickets, and mementos in one place. These stylish pieces of luggage will add an air of sophistication to any travelin’ man’s appearance!

Men’s jewelry & accessories are increasing in popularity with each year. Our birthday gift ideas for men include elegant cufflinks that attract attention, or hold secret messages of love. The “I heart you” word search cufflinks, for example, have a discrete sentiment etched within a grid of random letters. The sterling XO cuff links and eternity rings cufflinks are also symbolic, without being too obvious. Locket cuff links (as seen in People magazine!) feature his initial, engraved across the front. It isn’t immediately apparent that they open, so he can store small pictures inside without displaying them to the world. Funny cuff links for men, like our bright red “PANIC” button cuff links, will bring a smile to any birthday boy’s face. Men who dress in dapper attire can rock a unique pair of Murano glass cufflinks, or an innovative set of watch movement cufflinks.

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