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first birthday gifts

First birthdays only happen once, so make the most of them. Find personalized first birthday gifts that babies will love and parents will treasure.
baby five-star robe
22 reviews
cate & levi plush
2 reviews
$60.00 $32.99 - you save 45%
personalized animal storybook
255 reviews
personalized pirate storybook
99 reviews
starting at $39.00
birthday girl's t-shirt
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
100 good wishes baby quilt
22 reviews
handcrafted language blocks
47 reviews
$39.95 $29.99 - you save 25%
deluxe baby keepsake kit
739 reviews
rocking horse snow globe
257 reviews
pieced plush toy
48 reviews
$40.00 $9.99 - you save 75%
cate & levi animal head wall plaque
4 reviews
$44.95 $22.99 - you save 49%
personalized princess wall art
5 reviews
starting at $80.00
cate & levi hand puppet
2 reviews
personalized girl's portrait wall art
8 reviews
starting at $80.00
dinosaur girl's t-shirt
11 reviews
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
baby sleep sign
$25.00 $10.99 - you save 56%
children's teepee
1 review
$180.00 $79.99 - you save 56%
cate & levi scarf + hat
starting at $60.00 $21.99
children's wooden wall art
1 review
$70.00 $25.99 - you save 63%
organic new baby gift set
2 reviews
$59.95 $34.99 - you save 42%
3 sprouts® baby hooded towel
2 reviews
$30.00 $21.99 - you save 27%
personalized dinosaur wall art
26 reviews
starting at $80.00
personalized stork announcement wall art
3 reviews
starting at $80.00
personalized name repeat throw pillow cover
2 reviews
starting at $42.00
custom graphic elephant frame
5 reviews
$39.95 $19.99 - you save 50%
every girl is a superhero girl's t-shirt
1 review
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
winter water factory summer romper
$36.95 $18.99 - you save 49%
giant gummy bear
295 reviews
girl graphic girl's t-shirt
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
eco pillow - it wasn't me
$99.00 $49.99 - you save 50%
baby boy cotton bib + burp set
4 reviews
$40.00 $9.99 - you save 75%
kids five-star robe
10 reviews
$50.00 $35.99 - you save 28%
personalized elephant announcement wall art
4 reviews
starting at $80.00
siblings girl's t-shirt
4 reviews
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
personalized stroller announcement wall art
1 review
starting at $80.00
sign love girl's t-shirt
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
kind of a big deal girl's t-shirt
16 reviews
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
likes girl's t-shirt
12 reviews
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
dinosaur kid's long sleeve t-shirt
23 reviews
$39.00 $29.99 - you save 23%
states girl's t-shirt
12 reviews
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
personalized "kind of a big deal" wall art
14 reviews
starting at $80.00
kids hoodie
17 reviews
$59.95 $9.99 - you save 83%
i still live with my parents girl's t-shirt
1 review
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
personalized kid's faces wall art
12 reviews
starting at $80.00
this is how i roll girl's t-shirt
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
awesome addition girl's t-shirt
$30.00 $10.99 - you save 63%
awesome addition kid's long sleeve t-shirt
$29.95 $19.99 - you save 33%

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First Birthday Gifts

Baby’s first birthday is a momentous occasion full of joy. Treat it as such with a personalized first birthday gift from RedEnvelope! Babies and parents alike will love our huge collection of unique and exclusive presents. Don’t forget the finishing touch – personalize your gift by adding baby’s name to it. Our 1st birthday gift ideas are all the more appreciated when they are personalized.

Moms and dads will never forget their baby’s first birthday, but little ones won’t realize the day is anything special. This is one of the few times when they’re sure to love pretty much any first birthday gift you buy for them! Please kids and parents with a high quality gift that will last for years to come. We suggest two 1st birthday gifts – something for baby to play with, and something for parents to commemorate the big day. Try a puppy, lamb, or baby elephant cuddling mat as your baby gift. These impossibly soft blankets and attached plush friends are made to be snuggled with during nap and story time. A creative first birthday gift like a personalized storybook will delight children for years to come. These first birthday gift ideas are sure to earn the appreciation of both parents and baby!

Once you’ve found and personalized the perfect baby’s first birthday gift, you can move on to shopping for mom and dad. RedEnvelope has a wide selection of keepsake and milestone gifts that mark the occasion in style. A baby’s first year picture frame, for instance, gives new parents ample space to show off photo-worthy moments. If you’re shopping for a sentimental family and (what family with a new baby isn’t?), a baby growth frame or baby’s milestones photo album set is a perfect choice. These sweet 1st birthday gift ideas can also decorate the nursery, and pictures can be updated often.

Other thoughtful first birthday gift ideas include growth charts and hand/footprint impression kits. Parents will enjoy having a tangible way to track their child’s growth, and kids will love seeing how they measure up since the last mark. Our impressions in the sand kit and handprint canvas kit are similar 1st birthday gifts that have the same appeal. Kids and adults can see how much they’ve grown by comparing their current handprint to their newborn one. There’s no better way to capture the fleeting moments of childhood than with these unique first birthday gifts!

Another great gift for baby’s first birthday is a personalized baby blanket or quilt. Choices range from cream cashmere baby bedding to the 100 good wishes baby quilts. After serving as the perfect first birthday gift, these high quality blankets become instant keepsakes. Furthermore, parents can use them decoratively or functionally. As with many of our other items, these quilts and blankets can be stitched with a baby’s name to make them truly unique first birthday gifts.

Many of the first birthday gift ideas at RedEnvelope are both fun and educational. For instance, you may want to look at our selection of personalized baby books or plush toys for one year olds. Our plush toys are soft, colorful and ready to take on the imagination of a toddler! This is one of our best first birthday gift ideas because plush toys are appropriate for both girls and boys. The one year old in your life is sure to enjoy a collection of comforting plush toys. Also, these 1st birthday gifts fit in perfectly with the décor of a child’s room!

Someone looking for 1st birthday gift ideas that parents can enjoy may want to go with our selection of tempting sweets! Our collection of delectables is sure to have something that mom and dad will love! Plus, our sweet creations are not only delicious they make for an attractive sight on a kitchen table. Of course, this first birthday gift won’t be on display for long. This is one of those rare first birthday gifts that is made to disappear!

A family member or friend in search of 1st birthday gifts for girls has plenty of appealing options at RedEnvelope. For instance, we have many items that coordinate with the décor of a girl’s room. A soothing nightlight in a bright, cheerful color is one suggestion. Another one of our popular 1st birthday gifts for girls comes in the form of matching outfits. What is cuter than a mom and daughter cuddling in matching pajamas? Not surprisingly, a personalized sweater or outfit for a one year old girl always makes a hit with mom, dad, and baby! For anyone looking for unique 1st birthday gifts for girls, RedEnvelope has them along with much more!

Finally, don’t forget to honor mom on the one-year anniversary of baby’s birth with a push present. A sterling silver or diamond necklace is the perfect choice; make it memorable by selecting a mommy & baby or mother’s eternal love pendant. These necklaces capture the emotion of an embrace in an elegant and artful design.

Shop RedEnvelope’s exclusive baby’s first birthday gifts to find the perfect present for the kids – and parents – in your life.

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