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Unusual Gifts

Surprise and delight with unusual gifts that have a hint of the unexpected to them! RedEnvelope’s unique gifts can be personalized for her or personalized for him, so you can make each present all the more special.
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Unusual Gifts

Unusual birthday gifts are so much more fun than expected presents! Surprise family and friends with items that are specially personalized for him (or personalized for her), plus unique gifts that go a step beyond the ordinary. There’s no occasion that can’t be made more interesting with unusual gifts from RedEnvelope…read on to learn about our many choices in fun, funky presents.

Your choice of unusual gift really depends on who you’re shopping for. If you’re seeking a romantic gift for wife or husband, you might consider quirky personalized gift for her like our nickname coffee mugs and matching pajamas. Personalize them with any pet name for your love, no matter how silly or embarrassing it may be. Some couples might consider bedroom games to be an unusual gift, but we suspect your spouse won’t mind the surprise. A grown up version of Spin the Bottle, for example, puts a new “spin” on this junior high favorite. For some people, the word “unusual” calls to mind thoughts of exotic, foreign gifts. A Kama Sutra set for couples epitomizes this description, and offers hours of private entertainment!

Flower gifts are always a classic choice, which makes them the total opposite of unusual. Some flower and plant gifts, though, have a whimsical touch that makes them utterly intriguing. A lucky bamboo plant, for instance, is much more unique than a bunch of roses or daisies. There’s nothing wrong with a floral bouquet, but it won’t suffice if you’re seeking something extraordinary. One bunch of long-stemmed roses available at RedEnvelope comes replete with “diamonds” (rhinestones) scattered among the petals. This is just one way to add an unexpected air to a traditional present. Surprise him or her with a bonsai tree or succulent plants in hanging glass globes to bring an unusual touch of green to the home or office.

Speaking of green gifts…have you considered our eco-friendly products? They might seem a little bit unusual now, but we suspect they will soon be considered mainstream. Get ahead of the trend with gifts that are good to Mother Earth, like our Envirosax reusable grocery bags. Other products are made from sustainable or recyclable materials, like our bamboo blend robes and glass hummingbird feeders. One style of gift for him that’s both unusual and environmentally aware comes in the form of sports cufflinks. These are constructed from salvaged stadium seats and game used balls, making them into tiny pieces of sports history. He can wear them with pride, knowing that one piece of his favorite stadium or athletic equipment has been preserved for years to come.

Other men’s gifts can certainly be called unusual, but we think they’re just unexpected. You might not anticipate seeing a monogrammed barbeque brander or leather beer holster, but you will quickly wish you owned them after just one glance! Guys will have other words to describe these gifts – words like “awesome”, “perfect”, and “amazing”. If he immediately runs to share his present with his friends, you can be sure that he considers you to be unusually good at gift-giving. Some of our newest unusual gifts are actually based on older, vintage designs, like our natural wooden watch and hooch owl corkscrew. They were de rigueur for generations past, and they’re fast becoming popular once more.

An unusual gift will capture the recipient’s attention, and make them truly appreciate the thought behind your present. Find surprising gifts for men, women, and kids when you shop online at RedEnvelope. If they don’t love their unexpected present, our customer service team will be happy to assist them with finding something else! You can’t wrong when you shop any gifts, everyday or extraordinary, from RedEnvelope.

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