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may birthstone

May birthstone jewelry is graced with emeralds, which stand for love, happiness, and good fortune.
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May Birthstone

May birthstone jewelry has us green with emerald envy! Find incredible May birthstone jewelry rings, pendants, and bracelets among our selection of birthday jewelry. Emerald jewelry gifts have been associated with the month of May for just about as long as birthstones have been around. The jeweler’s birthstone poem from 1870 says that “Who first beholds the light of day/In spring's sweet, flower month of May/And wears an Emerald all her life/Shall be a loved and a loving wife.” Since then, women’s goals have definitely progressed beyond just being a wife, but the sentiment is sweet nonetheless. Emerald birthstone jewelry and jewelry will certainly please any woman, regardless of her marital status.

You can enjoy emerald jewelry no matter what month your birthday falls in, but it is associated with May in particular. People that are born in May are said to have incredible luck and passion, but with a stubborn streak. They make judgments based on actions, not rumor, but it can be hard to change their mind once it is set. Those born on days in May are also likely to be funny, creative, and sensitive. This, combined with their tendency to work hard and assist others, often results in May babies becoming the most popular person at school or work. Remind your May-born loved one of their strengths and potential weaknesses, with unique emerald necklaces and pendants for women!

Emeralds have gained quite a reputation since humans first spotted them; they have been said to grant the wearer with bewitching powers. The gem supposedly offers one the ability to cure ailments, see into the future, and influence the thoughts of others. Generations long ago paid homage to the emerald in many ways, including its use for May birthstone jewelry gifts. It is also the traditional and modern pick for 20th anniversary gifts, as well as 35th and 55th anniversary gifts. The distinctive green hue and unique composition sets this gem apart from any other.

So what is it that makes emeralds so special? Their brilliant green hue is just the start, but the shade is difficult to resist. The green gem is so vivid and crisp that it almost seems to be glowing! Green is also a color much revered by our ancestors, because it represented fertility, crops, and the coming of spring. Emeralds were thus associated with luck and good fortune, and emerald jewelry for her and him became a popular choice for ancient royals around the world. Emeralds are also set apart from other gems, for a surprising reason – they are valued for their imperfections.

When gems are formed naturally, various elements sometimes become part of the stone. These can be seen under a jeweler’s loupe, but are often apparent to the naked eye. Diamonds, for example, are graded for having as few inclusions as possible. Emeralds usually have tiny cracks, fissures, and inclusions beneath the surface, so the absence of them usually indicates a fake or simulated stone. Many people shop these faux emeralds for fashion jewelry and birthstone gifts, but save the real (more expensive) emeralds for wedding and anniversary jewelry. RedEnvelope has both real and created emerald jewelry, so you have plenty of options in unique birthday gifts for May babies.

Don’t forget about gifts of family jewelry for parents and grandparents that have little ones born in May. Find emerald birthstone charms and pendants among our selection of Mother’s Day jewelry and accessories. We also have birthstone rings and necklaces that can hold each child’s gem, so mom can wear a symbol of everyone in the family at once. Dad can add in his birthstone, too! Shop today and make others feel envious of your stunning emerald jewelry, available here at RedEnvelope.

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