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june birthstone

Pearls represent purity of heart and beauty, and moonstones represent true love. Kind-hearted June babies reflect these characteristics!
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June Birthstone

June is sometimes known for its gloom, but that’s certainly not the case with June birthstone jewelry. The first step in selecting silver or gold birthstone jewelry for June is simply deciding on a birthstone. There are three to consider: alexandrite, pearls, and moonstones. Pearls have been the traditional choice for centuries, so they’re the most popular type of June birthstone jewelry rings, bracelets, and earrings. The nineteenth century jeweler’s birthstone poem says “By her who in June was born/No gem save Pearls shall be worn/ They will ensure her constancy/True friendship and fidelity.” RedEnvelope has plenty of stunning pearl birthstone necklaces, family jewelry, and fun accessories to consider.

Pearls also come in several different styles, so you have to make another decision beyond just silver or gold birthstone gifts. Some prefer pearls with a true white hue, while others enjoy those that shimmer with tones of gray, black, peach, or ivory. There are also real and cultured traditional pearls, as well as distinctive freshwater pearls. Our collection of online jewelry & jewelry accessories include some unusual options, like a Majorica baroque pearl drop pendant + earrings set. You have to see these stunning orbs to truly understand their beauty! Any type of pearl accessory will fast become a timeless beauty jewelry favorite. Pearls are said to represent purity and modesty, as well as great natural beauty. Perhaps this is why they are also the standard gem for modern 3rd anniversary gifts, and traditional 30th anniversary gifts.

The next choice in June jewelry for her is the intriguing alexandrite. This gemstone is unique in that it seems to change colors right before your eyes! The hue depends on the type of light, and the color of any nearby items, but it seems magical despite this simple explanation. Alexandrite doesn’t always make the best first impression – it needs a little time and attention before showing its true colors. June’s children are thought to be that way as well, preferring to maintain an understated presence until they find people worth opening up to. This purple gem is also said to heighten intuition, boost creativity, and inspire great works of art. It is the also the gem of choice for 45th and 55th anniversary gifts. Choose alexandrite birthday gifts for her if she’s an aspiring painter, singer, or author; any creative profession can benefit from a touch of alexandrite!

The final option for June birthstone jewelry is the shimmering moonstone. It’s easy to see why this gem was named as such; at first glance it seems like a slice of the luminous moon has been set within the silver or gold birthstone jewelry. One can only imagine what our ancestors thought when they discovered a gem that seemed to capture the very essence of the heavens, right here on earth! The stone seems even more amazing when it is correctly cut and polished. A cabochon cut (smooth, rounded surface) moonstone can seem to change colors and flash light at the slightest touch. As a representation of the moon, the stone is also associated with the regularity of the tides, and a woman’s cycle of fertility. In modern times, though, it has become a popular choice in fashion jewelry, as seen on both fictional characters and famous celebrities. Moonstones are the gemstone for 13th wedding anniversaries as well; this may be to ward off bad luck associated with the number thirteen.

If you’re seeking birthstone jewelry for mom, you can opt for pearl, alexandrite, or moonstone accessories. You might want to peruse her jewelry box in advance, to see if she favors one over the others. Some of our most popular choices in June birthstone necklaces and pendants for women are our lily pad, pea in a pod, and loving arms designs. Each have a single freshwater pearl for each child, so the pendant can represent up to four little “peas” within the “pod” of your family! Find traditional and modern June birthstone jewelry online at RedEnvelope.

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