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july birthstone

July’s birthstone is the ruby, which calls to mind thoughts of love and passion.
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July Birthstone Jewelry

July birthstone jewelry features rubies, one of the most popular and well known of all gemstones. Red ruby birthday jewelry is the favored by those born in July, and anyone who adores the vibrant color red. Rubies have secured a spot in pop culture, too, lending their name to fruits, restaurants – even Beatles songs. The rosy red of ruby birthstone gifts evokes thoughts of love, security, and contentment.

The 1870 birthstone poem says “The gleaming Ruby should adorn/All those who in July are born/For thus they'll be exempt and free/From lover's doubts and anxiety.” We happen to love rubies, because they’re awfully close to the color of our signature gift envelopes! Find ruby birthstone necklaces and July birthstone jewelry rings, bracelets, and earrings online at RedEnvelope.

The July birthstone jewelry gifts of rubies are also said to offer protection, harmony, and passion. All of these meanings can be applied to ruby anniversary gifts, too. The vibrant stone is the traditional and modern choice for 40th anniversary gifts, and it’s associated with 15th anniversary gifts and 52nd anniversary gifts as well. Husbands have been rumored to present gifts of rubies to their wives, as unique birthday gifts or “just because surprises”, to hopefully spark interest and renew ardor within the bedroom. We can’t comment on the efficacy of that plan, but we do know that any woman would be delighted to receive ruby jewelry for her. One popular pick in ruby anniversary jewelry is the eternity hearts necklace, which our customers said was “high quality” and “great for the money”. The pendant boasts a never-ending circle of lab-created, heart-cut rubies; they are each bezel set in sterling silver for the appearance of a floating ruby red hearts in a circle.

July babies are considered to be fun, affectionate, and sensitive. They have strong, passionate opinions, but their feelings can be hurt easily when others disagree. They might also jump to conclusions when caught up in a swell of emotions. Ruby charms and pendants are said to enhance these positive traits, and help to balance out the negative traits. Pretty much any ruby accessory that RedEnvelope offers can be found categorized as timeless beauty jewelry, because the stones are exactly that! The red color lends itself well to heart cuts, so you can often find romantic gifts of heart-shaped ruby necklaces and pendants for women.

The exact shade of ruby depends on the size, cut, and facets of the individual stone. Some rubies have a deep, blood red hue that’s almost black, and others boast flirty shades of bright pink. Cultured ruby jewelry is especially popular, because the gems have the exact same chemical composition as natural rubies. These are created in laboratories, though, which have a controlled environment that can produce flawless stones. RedEnvelope offers both types of ruby birthstone jewelry, so you can select the one that you find preferable. Many people opt for faux rubies in their fashion jewelry, and real rubies in their birthstone or wedding jewelry.

If you’re having trouble narrowing down the choices among our online jewelry & jewelry accessories, we can suggest some customer and employee favorites. Those shopping for wives and girlfriends have to take a look at the wire-strung rubies on our “101 ways to say I Love You” necklace or bracelet, or our heart necklace with a pave set coating of brilliant cultured rubies. If you’re seeking Mother’s Day jewelry and accessories, consider a sweet togetherness hearts necklace. This instant favorite pairs two heart-cut cultured rubies; the smaller heart represents baby, tucked close against the larger heart that represents mom. As with other months, the July birthstone can also be found on the various charms and pendants available in our collection of family jewelry.

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