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Heart Jewelry

Have the best kind of heart to heart, by giving beautiful heart jewelry gifts! Surprise her with our women’s accessories and jewelry, including red gifts of heart pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Who needs to wear their heart on their shoulder when they have heart jewelry like this?
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Heart Jewelry

Heart jewelry is instantly recognizable as a symbol of love. This gift speaks to your commitment, and your sense of romantic gifts. As gifts of women’s accessories go, heart jewelry can’t be beat! Red gifts of heart jewelry feature glittering rubies and garnets, or exquisite artisan jewelry crafted from Italian Murano glass. Shop heart jewelry when you’re seeking anniversary gifts for her, Valentine’s Day presents, or “just because” surprises to warm her heart. Don’t forget to see our sweet heart birthstone jewelry – the perfect birthday present for her.

RedEnvelope’s cultured ruby heart necklace is one of the most popular pieces of heart jewelry available on our website. This stunning accent piece features a rounded heart shape, coated with forty-three cultured rubies that are pave set across the front. The oxidized setting makes the gems stand out in vivid color, and lends an antique air to this unique accessory. It’s perfect as Valentine’s Day jewelry or anniversary gifts for her; see our customer ratings for even more rave reviews of this romantic necklace!

Another romantic choice in jewelry for her can be found in our swan heart necklace. This pendant features the forms of two silver swans, with their necks curved toward one another in a heart shape. This creative take on the concept of heart jewelry brings an unexpected touch of whimsy to any outfit that she wears. Swans mate for life, so this gift has added symbolism that represents commitment and fidelity. Other intriguing variations on heart jewelry include the tree carved heart pendant, and the Dana David livewire heart necklace.

We often see hearts used in necklaces and pendants for women, but the shape doesn’t stop there. Many fashion bracelets include heart shapes and outlines to create unique designs that can be worn with any outfit. The forever hearts bracelet, for example, features interlocking links shaped like heart outlines. Our inspire bracelets have a long, narrow heart outline that is fixed in the middle of a sterling silver chain. The semiprecious bracelet takes it even further, with a heart shaped closure set amidst clusters of glittering gems.

Murano glass jewelry is stunning in any form, but the Murano heart necklace might be the most romantic of all the options. The multi-layer necklace flaunts six handmade Murano glass hearts, in hues of pink, red, and gold. Each has silver or gold leaf finish within, for a shimmer that captures the light with every step she takes. Murano beaded bracelets and earrings offer even more Italian artisan style that she can use to dress up any outfit, from jeans and a tee to her favorite little black dress. Matching Murano glass cufflinks are available for the guys, so you can coordinate your accessories at the next opportunity.

RedEnvelope’s online jewelry and jewelry accessories collection includes a favorite that many of us wear as an everyday accessory: birthstone jewelry. Our birthstone necklaces come in several varieties, but the heart birthstone necklaces are definitely the sweetest. One option features birthstone charms, dangling from a heart outline design. Another boasts gold heart charms, engraved with a single initial in script font. A round cut, inlaid birthstone adds a touch of shimmer and color to this gleaming piece. Birthstone jewelry – especially heart birthstone jewelry – is ideal as a baby shower gift or congratulations present to a new mom.

Heart jewelry is an easy go-to gift for your lady love, on any occasion. Treat her to anniversary gifts of jewelry, birthday presents of shimmering hearts, and Christmas jewelry that she will want to wear all year long. The heart shape transforms any accessory into a piece of timeless beauty jewelry, which can be passed down for future generations to cherish.

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