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february birthstone

February birthstone jewelry boasts amethyst gemstones, which have a distinctive purple hue. Associated with tranquility and peace.
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February Birthstone Jewelry

Purple is the color of royalty, and amethyst thus has a rich and powerful meaning attached to it. February birthstone jewelry is also popular for its variety – amethysts come in shades from the palest of lilacs to the deepest of violets. It’s no surprise, then, that February birthstone jewelry and amethyst gifts are so popular. The birthstone poem from 1870 notes that “The February born shall find/Sincerity and peace of mind/Freedom from passion and from care/If they, the amethyst will wear.”

The gem has long been considered a symbol of peace and tranquility, and also as a talisman to protect the wearer from danger. Amethyst isn’t just for birthstone necklaces, though. It is also associated with 6th anniversary gifts (perhaps to ward off the dreaded “7 year itch” ahead?) and 17th anniversary gifts. RedEnvelope has beautiful artisan jewelry gifts of sparkling amethysts that will leave you breathless.

Amethyst jewelry has one more deep meaning that can’t be overlooked: friendship. RedEnvelope has used amethysts in many different pieces of friend and family jewelry, including friendship bracelets and necklaces. These are a big step up from the braided bracelets and split heart charm friendship jewelry you had as a kid! It’s also used in our multi-gemstone online jewelry & jewelry accessories, like the “meanings of friendship” bracelet and “meanings of motherhood” stacking rings. Amethyst jewelry for mom, sisters, and friends is all the more special when you know the traits associated with the gemstone.

The amethyst pieces in our collection of timeless beauty jewelry have vintage appeal and unique details. You might think, for example, that February birthstone jewelry rings are only available for wearing on your fingers. We actually have February birthstone jewelry gifts of circle and ring pendants and charms, which can be mixed and matched to represent the entire family. Of course, if you prefer rings, we have plenty to choose from. One silver gemstone message ring has a bezel set, round cut amethyst, and the band is engraved to read, “best friends always”. A different style of jewelry for her begins with a gleaming silver band, with a smooth oval face atop it. A single initial is etched on the ring, and punctuated by a small inset amethyst at the bottom right.

Amethyst birthday jewelry is great for congratulations gifts when kids reach major milestones in life. Our necklaces and pendants for women, plus cuff and charm bracelets, can become confirmation, bat mitzvah, or graduation gift ideas. You can also choose key years to celebrate with unique birthday gifts of amethyst accessories. When your daughter reaches double digits and turns ten years old, for example, or when she becomes a teenager at thirteen. Shop this exquisite gemstone as 1st birthday gifts, 18th birthday gifts… all the way to 60th birthday gift ideas and beyond! There’s no age limit on gorgeous birthday presents of February birthstone jewelry. You can even gift them at baby showers and christening ceremonies.

Proud parents of February babies will love receiving baby keepsakes that feature amethyst birthstones, though baby probably won’t understand just yet. Dads and kids should consider shopping amethyst Mother’s Day jewelry and accessories, so she can be reminded of little ones when away from home. Tell her that she isn’t just your mom – she’s also your close friend! There’s nothing that will please her more than knowing that you value company.

Take a cue from romantic February born friends, and accessorize with amethysts today. Find amethyst charms and natural cut cluster bracelets among the elegant jewelry items here at RedEnvelope. Those that prefer clean style will be pleased by the streamlined simplicity of an amethyst birthstone ID bracelet or amethyst milestones birthstone pendant. Whatever you select, you’re sure to be pleased with the quality and ease of purchase that RedEnvelope is famous for.

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