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christmas gifts for mom

Show Mom how much you appreciate her with a unique gift from our Christmas Gift Gurus selections for Mom.
personalized family tree wall art
353 reviews
starting at $80.00
family pearl pendant necklace
3 reviews
starting at $79.00 $49.99
cashmere featherweight scarf
8 reviews
$149.00 $59.99 - you save 60%
hidden message family necklace
5 reviews
$119.00 $89.99 - you save 24%
customized family embrace birthstone necklace
11 reviews
starting at $120.00
channel set birthstone bracelet
6 reviews
$109.00 $80.99 - you save 26%
personalized wine cellar sign
524 reviews
cozy cashmere slippers
28 reviews
starting at $99.00 $55.99
personalized milestones necklace
532 reviews
starting at $50.00
cashmere cocoon
32 reviews
starting at $249.00 $186.99
multi strand gemstone necklace
2 reviews
$149.00 $73.99 - you save 50%
nest votive candle set
11 reviews
artisan customized birthstone necklace
22 reviews
starting at $98.95
year of wishes candles
27 reviews
picnic backpack
345 reviews
birthstone bracelet
$99.00 $73.99 - you save 25%
mabel chong keshi pearl earrings
15 reviews
starting at $59.00
nugaard waterfall necklace
4 reviews
$79.00 $36.99 - you save 53%
personalized "you make me happy" wall art
44 reviews
starting at $80.00
sterling birthstone stacking rings
36 reviews
starting at $84.95 $24.98
nest birchwood pine candle
3 reviews
classic heart necklace
5 reviews
$59.00 $43.99 - you save 25%
women's five-star terry robe
57 reviews
floral jewelry catchall
2 reviews
$60.00 $36.99 - you save 38%
baby elephant ring holder
630 reviews
reasons I love you stones
952 reviews
inspiration quote bangle
48 reviews
starting at $59.99
personalized love birds wall art
40 reviews
starting at $80.00
cashmere hat
6 reviews
$69.95 $59.99 - you save 14%
twist candlesticks
363 reviews
baby giraffe ring holder
235 reviews
classic pearl + diamond earrings
10 reviews
$99.00 $73.99 - you save 25%
wood jewelry display
5 reviews
$55.00 $25.99 - you save 53%
hidden message focal pendant
18 reviews
starting at $65.00
dachshund cardholder
7 reviews
starting at $40.00 $9.99
mabel chong stardust bead pearl necklace
4 reviews
$69.00 $37.99 - you save 45%
personalized charm necklace
20 reviews
starting at $69.00
personalized states wall art
34 reviews
starting at $80.00
gemstone meaning bangle
4 reviews
starting at $99.00 $33.99
personalized solitaire birthstone ring
133 reviews
starting at $40.00
jewelry roll
20 reviews
$70.00 $29.99 - you save 57%
envirosax market bags
56 reviews
$40.00 $29.99 - you save 25%
alice in wonderland valet catchalls
149 reviews
$19.95 $9.99 - you save 50%
leather jewelry portfolio
23 reviews
$125.00 $69.99 - you save 44%
cashmere poncho
8 reviews
cashmere cowl neck
6 reviews
$229.00 $127.99 - you save 44%
cashmere sweater wrap + pant
7 reviews
starting at $190.00 $113.99
mabel chong blue topaz necklace
5 reviews
$89.00 $65.99 - you save 26%
whimsy bird ring holder
10 reviews
$35.00 $13.99 - you save 60%
mabel chong blue topaz dome charms
$299.95 $224.99 - you save 25%
bette black snakeskin crossbody
5 reviews
$100.00 $39.99 - you save 60%
personalized letter necklace
14 reviews
starting at $40.00
lollia candles
2 reviews
nugaard iolite cascade necklace
$89.00 $34.99 - you save 61%
mabel chong stardust bead teardrop earrings
$59.00 $28.99 - you save 51%
skinny birthstone bracelet
60 reviews
starting at $89.95 $39.99
mabel chong pearl small stardust cluster earrings
1 review
$59.00 $32.99 - you save 44%
fashion coffee table book set
$150.00 $83.99 - you save 44%
lollia relax spa gift set
1 review
cashmere featherweight scarf
37 reviews
$149.00 $59.99 - you save 60%
gemstone cuff
$99.00 $29.99 - you save 70%
asha zodiac bangle
$230.00 $79.99 - you save 65%
solitaire birthstone pendant
18 reviews
starting at $99.00 $47.99
mabel chong blue topaz linked necklace
$69.00 $37.99 - you save 45%
mabel chong stardust bead necklace
$69.00 $32.99 - you save 52%
artisan sentiments necklace - friendship + motherhood
3 reviews
$89.00 $39.99 - you save 55%
nina nguyen geode ring
$320.00 $148.99 - you save 53%
personalized hanging wall jewelry display case
15 reviews
$79.95 $39.99 - you save 50%
cashmere brown short robe
7 reviews
starting at $300.00 $149.99
personalized vertical family members wall art
14 reviews
starting at $79.95
personalized large leather jewelry box
110 reviews
$299.00 $119.99 - you save 60%
nina nguyen bedford black druzy ring
starting at $400.00 $186.99
nugaard waterfall earrings
1 review
$79.00 $36.99 - you save 53%
rafe shell iPhone 5 case
6 reviews
$99.00 $43.99 - you save 56%
mabel chong sky blue topaz chain earrings
7 reviews
$59.00 $43.99 - you save 25%
rafe maryanne minaudiere clutch
$495.00 $247.99 - you save 50%
artisan birthstone bracelet
10 reviews
starting at $55.99
triple gemstone meaning necklace
$129.00 $58.99 - you save 54%
triple gemstone meaning earrings
$79.00 $36.99 - you save 53%
lollia fragrances
1 review
$50.00 $36.99 - you save 26%
customized circle birthstone pendant
20 reviews
starting at $140.00
nina nguyen petal necklace
2 reviews
$250.00 $169.99 - you save 32%
personalized rectangle pearl necklace
17 reviews
$129.95 $69.99 - you save 46%
mabel chong chain cascade earrings
1 review
$399.00 $223.99 - you save 44%
nina nguyen petal earrings
$300.00 $148.99 - you save 50%

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The products above have an average rating of 4.6 / 5.0 from 5605 reviews

Christmas Gifts for Mom 2013

Make your mama’s Christmas merry and bright, with RedEnvelope’s suggestions on Christmas gifts for mom. Our ideas include Xmas presents for mom, stocking stuffers, Christmas gift baskets, and more. Your Christmas gifts for mom might focus on her role as a mother, or help to remind her that she’s also a woman, wife, and lover. Choose from presents of mom jewelry, bath accessories, or home and garden essentials. We have many more Christmas gift ideas for mom, so you’re sure to find tons of options to please her this December!

One of the most popular categories of Christmas presents has to be jewelry for mom. We offer a wide variety of accessories for moms, including family jewelry, engraved gifts, and handy must-haves to keep in her purse. Find mom jewelry that’s made just for her, like a “languages of mom” necklace with a unique curved loop pendant. The sterling silver design is engraved with nine different translations of the word “mom”: English, German, Polish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Gaelic, French, and Polish. We also have rings for mothers, like our “forever mom” ring. This two-tone eternity band features the word “MOM”, repeated all the way around the band.

She’s clothed us, fed us, bathed us, fixed our bumps and scratches, tutored us, guided us, sheltered us and loved us. Every mother is a hero, a saint, our champion and our savior, and yet every mother is unique. RedEnvelope has compiled a selection of one-of-a-kind and personalized Christmas Gifts for Mom to complement her individual tastes and style, and to say, “thanks for everything, mom”.

Mom deserves a little pampering now and then, and our line of spa inspired Christmas Gifts for Mom are set to indulge her through the holidays. She’ll be in heaven in our recycled microfleece lounging jacket, acorn ragg wool slipper socks, women’s therapeutic terry slippers, or five-star terry robe. Let it be known – she could get used to this! Take her from the spa to Christmas dinner in style with our women’s cashmere gloves, scarf or silk and cashmere cardigan shawl.

Every mom has a story, and with our “story of a lifetime” memoir-recording book, you can show mom the ultimate admiration for the life she’s led to date. One of the most precious Christmas gifts for mom that you can give is to show your interest in learning about who she was as a child, growing up, and as a young adult. Record her oral history and create a keepsake for generations to come. The book poses almost 500 questions about careers, college, leaving home, parental relationships, raising kids, traditions and milestones, from "What is a typical family meal?" to "What was your engagement proposal like?"

Some of our favorite Christmas gifts for mom come in little packages. She deserves a little luxury, so spoil her with jewelry this year. RedEnvelope’s customized mom's birthstone necklace features up to five birthstones for each of her children, and with our stunning victorian locket bracelet, she can keep pictures of her loved ones with her everywhere she goes.

Out of all the family jewelry options, birthstone necklaces are probably the most coveted of gifts. Moms love to show off symbols of their entire family, and birthstone pendants and charms do just that! Choose from modern designs, like our milestone birthstone pendant necklaces, or vintage styles, like our artisan charm necklaces. Both have room for multiple pendants and charms, so mom can sport a birthstone for each of her children. Our newest charm jewelry gifts look more like well-worn antiques, but they’re actually brand new. Thick, vintage style chains hold charms that display tiny cameo images, wax seal initials, bezel set birthstones, and more. Similar styles can be engraved with each child’s name, as an alternate way to represent her brood via bling.

The perfect Christmas gift for mom might just be a chic pair of earrings for her. This simple present choice packs plenty of sparkle, and has the wow factor that mom is hoping for! Earring boxes have the added advantage of fitting neatly within Christmas stockings, so you can present them to her in a fun way. She probably won’t expect anything too fancy in her stocking, so a pair of diamond or pearl earrings will certainly surprise her. Sweet sterling silver XO earrings remind her of your hugs and kisses, while infinity diamond earrings represent never-ending love. Our exquisite Murano glass earrings are also available, adding shimmering jewel tones to her every outfit.

If your mom isn’t much of a jewelry fan, she might prefer the gift of quality time for rest and relaxation. RedEnvelope’s bath and body gifts offer a day spa experience, from right in her own bathroom! Find pajamas & robes & spa baskets, and then choose from assorted styles and scents. Take a look at her current lotions and perfumes to get an idea of what aromas she prefers – just try to sniff out whether they smell flowery, sugary-sweet, citrusy, or musky. Then, choose a spa basket with a similar fragrance. Each basket has lotions, aromatherapy candles or potpourri, bubble bath, and soaps; scent choices include lavender, rose petal, vanilla orchid, and more.

Perhaps mom is more of an outdoorsy lady? If so, our unique gardening gifts are great for setting under the tree. Floral vine etched and recycled glass hummingbird feeders will keep her garden filled with avian guests, and animal wind-bells add relaxing chimes to the backyard “soundtrack”. We have several stepping stone kits that can be personalized with kid’s names and mosaic tiles, along with rain chains and wishing well fountains. Unique herb growing kits can help jumpstart her garden growth, and will result in blossoming florals or herbs. RedEnvelope also has floral wreaths and bouquets, so moms without green thumbs can still enjoy fresh, fragrant blooms. You won’t see mommy kissing Santa Claus this year – she will too busy sneaking peeks at her Christmas gifts!

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