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august birthstone

Peridot birthstones are the gifts for those born in August! This unique green stone is often found in lava and meteorites.
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August Birthstone

August birthstone jewelry features the peridot, a gemstone that is both extremely old and refreshingly modern. It was first popularized in ancient Rome, where the olive green hue led to it being dubbed the “emerald of the evening”. Peridot was also used to decorate churches and shrines in medieval times, and it came back in favor briefly during the baroque period. For the years between, though, peridot seemed to fade from our minds. It was assigned as the birthstone for August, though, and was immortalized in the jeweler’s birthstone poem of 1870: “Wear a Peridot or for thee/No conjugal fidelity/The August born without this stone/`Tis said, must live unloved; alone.” We’re pretty sure that August babies don’t have that fate waiting for them, regardless of accessories, but peridot remains as the perfect birthday jewelry for end of summer children.

Peridot was suddenly a hot topic in the mid 1990s, when a huge deposit of high quality peridot was discovered in Pakistan. Since then, both natural and faux peridot birthstone gifts have remained very much in fashion. The color calls to mind grassy fields, juicy limes, and all of nature in the height of summer. As such, it’s perfect for August birthstone jewelry rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The forces of erupting volcanoes and crashed meteorites often create natural peridot stones, so they are associated with an unpredictable nature and a hot temper. Peridot birthstone jewelry has many positive traits as well, like their supposed protection against evil and illness. August birthstone jewelry gifts of peridot are supposed to help cool the temperament of those born in the year’s hottest month, but they have the added benefit of being absolutely beautiful.

This gemstone, which sometimes has a celery green or pale jade hue, isn’t just for family jewelry. The stone has so many great attributes, so we had to include it charm necklaces and pendants for women, plus friendship bracelets  and jewelry for mom. Our good fortune necklace features a peridot stone, dangling within a silver circle of bamboo. This accessory is said to bring joy and abundance to the wearer. Our “meanings of friendship” bracelet has bezel set peridot stones for good cheer, and the “meanings of motherhood” stacking rings include a peridot ring with the word “giving” etched inside the band. Don’t forget to check out our unique triple traits birthstone necklaces; the August charm has a peridot set within a ring of engraved words. The silver pendant reads, “loving-friendly-generous”; anyone would love to be blessed with those traits!

Peridot gems – like many other birthstones – are also associated with specific wedding anniversary celebrations. Give anniversary gifts of peridot to commemorate sixteen sweet years together! The couple is sure to appreciate all of the positive symbolism that this unassuming stone has to offer. Moms-to-be that are expecting to deliver in the hot month of August deserve some extra gifts for enduring the weather while pregnant – find “push presents” of peridot jewelry for her, or baby keepsakes that feature peridot accents. A baby rosary necklace, charm bracelet, or first pair of pierced stud earrings can all be made a bit more special when they include peridot. Present these as unique birthday gifts for baby’s very first literal birth-day! Or, shop peridot charms for gifts of Mother’s Day jewelry and accessories.

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