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Diamonds are unyielding, as well as captivating and sparkling. Similarly, those born in April are said to be exhibit fiery determination and beauty.
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April Birthstone

April’s birthstone is perhaps the most notorious of them all – the diamond. This precious gem is used for April birthstone jewelry, as well as engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary gifts. The original birthstones for April were both diamonds and sapphires, but the focus has always been on the sparkling clarity of the diamond for timeless beauty jewelry. A birthstone poem published in 1870 says “She who from April dates her years/Diamonds shall wear/Lest bitter tears/For vain repentance flow.” Find diamonds for her to wear and cherish, right here at RedEnvelope.

The poem doesn’t sound particularly positive, but the intent was to encourage jewelry sales. The jewelers that published the piece likely wanted to emphasize the potential risk to those who didn’t heed their warnings and purchase birthstone accessories! Those born in April are known for their courage and tenacity, though, so they probably weren’t fooled. April’s children are also (like their birthstone) considered as deceptively strong and sharp tongued; their external beauty makes it easy to underestimate them. Stay on their good side with diamond birthday gifts from our collection of online jewelry & jewelry accessories.

Diamonds have long been revered for their incredible strength, beautiful fiery centers, and general mystical appeal. April birthstone jewelry gifts can be more expensive than other months, so substitutions are made as needed. The alternate birthstone for April is crystal, which is thought to represent purity and innocence. Crystal birthday jewelry is often given to children and teens, and who then receive diamond jewelry for her once they become adults. Mother of pearl birthstone necklaces and jewelry are also sometimes sold for April babies to wear.

April birthstone jewelry rings are often interchangeable with various anniversary gifts of jewelry. Diamonds are modern 10th anniversary gifts, and crystals are traditional 15th anniversary gifts. The 75th anniversary was known as the “diamond anniversary”, but now the 60th anniversary has the same title. Most people simply don’t live long enough to experience 75 years together! The diamond jubilee anniversary also marks 60 years, in honor of Queen Victoria’s death after 60 years on the throne in the UK. Similarly, the diamond is a traditional choice for 60th birthday gift ideas.

With all of this in mind, it’s not surprising that diamonds represent love, longevity, power, and distinction. Round cut diamonds are the most popular shape for engagement rings, but a wide variety of other cuts are available. Some gems are only suited to a few particular stone cuts, but diamonds can be done in just about any style. Antique cushion, marquise, and rose cut diamonds are quickly gaining favor again, but popular modern cuts like asscher, trillion, and brilliant round still sell quite well.

If you’re seeking birthstone jewelry for mom, try to choose a personalized accessory. Observers might not know what the diamond symbolizes, because it has so many different meanings. Family jewelry with the child’s name or birthday makes it evident to all that this mama has an April baby at home. Loved ones seeking baby keepsakes will surely please with gifts of diamonds; they will remain bright and bold until baby is old enough to appreciate them. Diamond birthday gifts can also be offered to people born in any other month – few can resist the appeal of this legendary gem. You might opt to purchase traditional diamond birthday jewelry for graduation gift ideas, sweet sixteen parties, or as congratulations gifts for a newly engaged bride.

RedEnvelope’s selection of dazzling diamond jewelry is the perfect present for any loved one! Many of our accessories feature tiny pave set diamonds across the surface. This gives them all the sparkle and brilliance of any other diamond jewelry, but with a lower price tag. Other diamonds are paired up with pearls, for the ultimate in precious gem jewelry. There are also pieces of birthstone jewelry adorned with white sapphires, to emulate the look of diamonds, without the price. April birthday parties will be a whole lot brighter when you bring gifts of diamond birthstone jewelry

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