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Our collection of gifts made in the USA includes jewelry, keepsakes, home accents, and more.
lollia relax spa gift set
1 review
brooklyn beer making kit
4 reviews
bird seed chalet
157 reviews
eastern accent organic soap
3 reviews
dew drop leather pouch
4 reviews
$50.00 $34.99 - you save 30%
soy aviary candle
1 review
starting at $37.95 $22.99
bamboo herb grow kit
4 reviews
coffee gift set
2 reviews
$49.95 $24.99 - you save 50%
personalized cutting boards
496 reviews
message to mom charm necklaces
2 reviews
starting at $49.95 $24.99
personalized heart shaped bottle opener
11 reviews
$22.00 $13.99 - you save 36%
homemade gin kit
10 reviews
kris nations state necklace
21 reviews
down the hatch flask + shot glass set
6 reviews
$64.00 $47.99 - you save 25%
Santa Fe
1 review
$99.00 $74.99 - you save 24%
giant gummy bear
295 reviews
baby sleep sign
$24.95 $14.99 - you save 40%
fishs eddy intervention-ware side plate
1 review
$15.00 $8.99 - you save 40%
bonsai growing kit
11 reviews
starting at $35.00
tree growing kit
3 reviews
fishs eddy brooklynese "sawlt & peppa" pair
1 review
$17.00 $8.99 - you save 47%
amanda sterett karly earring
2 reviews
$150.00 $52.99 - you save 65%
amanda sterett tori necklace
3 reviews
$90.00 $44.99 - you save 50%
asha zodiac bangle
starting at $229.95 $114.99
iliac golf towel
$29.95 $19.99 - you save 33%
iliac international head cover
starting at $64.99
iliac letterman golf shirt
$179.95 $89.99 - you save 50%
iliac rancher golf shirt
$99.99 $59.99 - you save 40%
iliac vintage head cover
$74.95 $37.99 - you save 49%
iRetrofone steampunk iPhone hand set
$449.95 $159.99 - you save 64%
retro boombox iPhone case
1 review
starting at $25.00 $4.99
volta dark native sound block
$190.00 $113.99 - you save 40%
wood golf club iphone 5 dock
5 reviews
$150.00 $112.99 - you save 25%
fishs eddy intervention-ware dinner plate
$15.00 $8.99 - you save 40%
fishs eddy intervention-ware cereal bowl
$12.00 $7.99 - you save 33%
fabric magnet boards
1 review
starting at $72.00 $46.99
eco pillow – its beautiful here
1 review
$99.00 $74.99 - you save 24%
mabel chong blue topaz dome charms
$299.95 $224.99 - you save 25%
mabel chong blue topaz linked earrings
$159.00 $119.99 - you save 25%
mabel chong blue topaz linked necklace
$69.00 $51.99 - you save 25%
mabel chong chain cascade earrings
1 review
$399.00 $299.99 - you save 25%
mabel chong coin charms necklace
$299.00 $199.99 - you save 33%
mabel chong coin pearl necklace
$99.00 $74.99 - you save 24%
magnetic art note board
1 review
$62.00 $46.99 - you save 24%
mabel chong keshi pearl earrings
15 reviews
starting at $59.00
mabel chong mixed stone earring
$149.00 $111.99 - you save 25%
mabel chong mixed stone necklace
$119.00 $89.99 - you save 24%
mabel chong pearl small stardust cluster earrings
1 review
$59.00 $44.99 - you save 24%
mabel chong stardust bead necklace
starting at $69.00 $13.99
mabel chong stardust bead pearl long necklace
$299.00 $224.99 - you save 25%
mabel chong stardust bead pearl necklace
4 reviews
$69.00 $51.99 - you save 25%
mabel chong stardust bead teardrop earrings
$59.00 $39.99 - you save 32%
mabel chong twist link pearl earrings
1 review
$139.00 $104.99 - you save 24%
birth year keepsake box
2 reviews
$50.00 $24.99 - you save 50%
magnetic art quote boards
starting at $52.00 $32.99
18" personalized lazy susan
47 reviews
NuFace trinity toner
$324.95 $243.99 - you save 25%
single beer pint glass
$15.95 $7.99 - you save 50%
single bottle felt wine rack
1 review
$30.00 $14.99 - you save 50%
children's wooden wall art
1 review
$69.95 $34.99 - you save 50%
bonsai growing kit
2 reviews
eco pillow - breathe
$90.00 $67.99 - you save 24%
eco pillow - call your mother
$90.00 $66.99 - you save 26%
eco pillow - love this place
starting at $90.00 $67.99
eco pillow - xoxo
$67.00 $50.99 - you save 24%
lollia candles
2 reviews
lollia fragrances
1 review
nest votive candle set
11 reviews
living succulent wreath
55 reviews
$99.99 $89.99 - you save 10%
glass dome serving tray
10 reviews
kate quinn baby gift set
$60.00 $39.99 - you save 33%
chevron earrings
$129.95 $64.99 - you save 50%
chevron necklace
3 reviews
$109.95 $54.99 - you save 50%
retro old timer radio iPhone case
2 reviews
$25.00 $12.99 - you save 48%
wildebeest pet bandana collar
3 reviews
starting at $15.99
exovault brass ebony composite iphone 5 case
$239.95 $119.99 - you save 50%
exovault bronze aluminum pau ferro iphone 5 case
$229.95 $114.99 - you save 50%
randolph aviator sunglasses
1 review
starting at $180.00 $69.99
gold randolph concorde sunglasses
starting at $140.00 $79.99
randolph intruder sunglasses
1 review
$140.00 $83.99 - you save 40%
chrome randolph concorde sunglasses
starting at $140.00 $79.99
whipping + post vintage guitar strap
starting at $79.95 $56.99

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Gifts Made in the USA

RedEnvelope offers impressive gifts made in the USA; find presents to wear and share among our unique selection. Many shoppers today prefer “patriotic spending”, which supports the economy by keeping American dollars in America. Browse our locally made in the USA gifts, which include jewelry for her, men’s accessories, and home decorating gift ideas.

Are you wondering why you should buy products made in the USA? Many shoppers want to do their part towards stimulating the economy and reducing the unemployment rate. You can help out on a local and national level, just by purchasing gifts made in the USA. We make it easy, by offering plenty of made in the USA gifts right here! Shoppers also prefer American-made items because they can trust in the manufacturing process. Items that are made in other countries might not meet expectations of quality, craftsmanship, and fair labor practices the way that products made in the USA can. RedEnvelope gifts are always held to these high standards, regardless of where they are made, but the words “made in USA” offer extra reassurance. When shopping elsewhere, look for gifts labeled as made in the USA to be sure of your purchase.

RedEnvelope’s USA gifts offer plenty of variety, so it’s easy to find something for just about anyone. Those seeking a gift for girlfriend or wife will appreciate our beautiful necklaces and pendants for women. Find sentimental family jewelry for Mother’s Day, or cross necklaces for religious celebrations. We even have pearl and diamond jewelry that was crafted in the USA! Birthstone pendants, silver cuff fashion bracelets, and sweet charm necklaces can all be found amidst our stunning made in the USA gifts of jewelry. We didn’t forget the guys, though. Find men’s leather bracelets and unisex jewelry like our mighty oak necklace and St. Francis mobius necklace right here.

If you’re seeking a gift for boyfriend or husband, but jewelry isn’t really his thing, consider a grilling gift instead. What man wouldn’t love a personalized grilling tool set, complete with a sleek case? A monogrammed brander is another great choice; it lets him sear his initials right onto every steak and burger that he grills. Perhaps you want something a bit more romantic, though? Saucy lingerie for her can also be a gift for him…and we do have made in the USA clothing available! Undrest Allesandra lingerie, for example, has French silk ribbons, Brazilian cut briefs, and quality made in the USA construction.

Backyards are a classic aspect of American culture, so we had to offer some made in the USA backyard and garden gifts! A birdseed cottage encourages winged guests to stop for a snack, and makes for a charming piece of garden décor. Turtle stepping stones let recipients personalize their space with their name and handprint; form a path of turtles to represent the whole family. Or, bring the essence of the garden to your outfit, with necklaces made from real baby’s breath and verbena flowers. A tree carved heart necklace also adds a woodsy element to your attire! A laurel leaf or giant pebble necklace has similar appeal.

Spruce up indoor or outdoor space with personalized kid’s signs, which designate their area in bold colors. Or, encourage family bonding with a leather-bound story of a lifetime book. Parents and grandparents can record old memories and keep track of new ones in this unique volume. Moms and grandmas might also appreciate the unique beauty of jewelry gifts handmade in the USA. Find made in the USA gifts that you can practice patriotic spending on, among the unique selection at RedEnvelope. Shop today and wow friends and family with your gift giving savvy.

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