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kitchen & cooking

Whip up a tasty treat with gourmet baking and kitchen décor guaranteed to inspire your budding chef or domestic goddess.
personalized kitchen placemats
2 reviews
starting at $24.99
stoneware bowl set
12 reviews
personalized cutting boards
489 reviews
kitchen knife set
$99.95 $49.99 - you save 50%
stoneware storage canister
4 reviews
$48.00 $29.99 - you save 38%
nested wood tray set
7 reviews
$52.00 $41.60 - you save 20%
personalized linen napkins
starting at $35.00 $24.99
ceramic measuring cups
2 reviews
$39.95 $13.99 - you save 65%
ceramic dessert stand
28 reviews
$59.95 $29.99 - you save 50%
glass dome serving tray
10 reviews
wooden serving bowl
2 reviews
$56.00 $33.99 - you save 39%
personalized kitchen napkins
3 reviews
starting at $18.99
appetizer tray
$30.00 $14.99 - you save 50%
personalized stoneware mug set
12 reviews
wooden plate set
$45.00 $22.99 - you save 49%
personalized kitchen towel
48 reviews
$25.00 $18.99 - you save 24%
cocktail set + wood tray
2 reviews
$70.00 $39.99 - you save 43%
wooden serving utensils
starting at $56.00 $27.99
18" personalized lazy susan
47 reviews
fishs eddy brooklynese "sawlt & peppa" pair
1 review
$17.00 $8.99 - you save 47%
mozzarella cheese kit
$28.00 $20.99 - you save 25%
himalayan salt block
4 reviews
mother + daughter aprons
1 review
starting at $29.95
power foods book
1 review
$24.95 $18.99 - you save 24%
pie bird
22 reviews
$19.95 $3.99 - you save 80%
chemex drip coffee set
1 review
$40.00 $29.99 - you save 25%
personalizable wine tray cork kit
50 reviews
starting at $39.95 $23.99
stainless steel serveware
starting at $19.99
classic rolling pin
15 reviews
$19.95 $9.99 - you save 50%
fishs eddy intervention-ware mug
1 review
$12.00 $5.99 - you save 50%
father + son aprons
starting at $59.95 $9.99
Sunday Brunch
3 reviews
starting at $79.99
wooden bowl set
starting at $36.00 $17.99
stoneware bowls
1 review
animal kitchen towels
4 reviews
whale wood cutting board
starting at $90.00
big flavor grill book
1 review
coffee gift set
2 reviews
$49.95 $24.99 - you save 50%
salad for dinner book
$34.95 $26.99 - you save 23%
ceramic teacups + wooden saucer
3 reviews
starting at $32.00
ceramic teapot with wooden handle
6 reviews
starting at $70.00
ulster weaver tea apron + towel set
$35.00 $26.99 - you save 23%
friends at my table cookbook
$24.95 $18.99 - you save 24%
tea gift set
6 reviews
$39.95 $29.99 - you save 25%
joseph & joseph cookbook stand
$32.00 $15.99 - you save 50%
ceramic mason jar mugs
8 reviews
$19.00 $14.99 - you save 21%
embroidered kitchen towels
1 review
love endearment mug
3 reviews
breakfast tray
3 reviews
$90.00 $53.99 - you save 40%
rossana recycled pitcher + glassware
1 review
starting at $58.00 $34.99
teapot +cup set
starting at $60.00 $39.99
colossal ice cube molds
2 reviews
wine appetizer trays
9 reviews
homemade with love
$29.95 $22.99 - you save 23%
sowden oskar softbrew teapot
$49.95 $37.99 - you save 24%
fishs eddy intervention-ware dinner plate
$15.00 $8.99 - you save 40%
fishs eddy intervention-ware cereal bowl
$12.00 $7.99 - you save 33%
wood smokin’ grill sets
1 review
palm pattern linen placemats
$65.00 $12.99 - you save 80%
love letter napkin set
4 reviews
simply italian cookbook
$49.95 $37.99 - you save 24%
baking gift set
$49.95 $24.99 - you save 50%
french market book
$24.95 $18.99 - you save 24%
capresso ec100 espresso machine
$150.00 $89.99 - you save 40%
heart measuring spoons
4 reviews
plats du jur book
$49.95 $37.99 - you save 24%
Culinary Kit: Millie’s Fromage
1 review
fishs eddy intervention-ware side plate
1 review
$15.00 $8.99 - you save 40%
ceramic punch bowl + 8 cups set
3 reviews
$149.95 $52.99 - you save 65%
nachtmann double old fashioned set of four
17 reviews
starting at $52.00
block print linen placemats
$65.00 $12.99 - you save 80%
celebrity vineyards book
$34.95 $26.99 - you save 23%

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Gourmet Kitchen and Baking Gifts

Hey, what’s cooking? An amazing selection of kitchen gifts that’s what! Welcome to Red Envelope, your gift shopping destination for the very best in stunning gifts, keepsakes and personal accessories, and now your ultimate go-to for some of the most fun, fashionable and unique kitchen gifts online. From cool kitchen décor for culinary queens, to fun kitchen gadgets and tools for budding chefs and plenty of unique and useful pieces of ceramic cookware, we’ve got kitchen and baking gifts all wrapped up.

And where better to start with our kitchen selection than with wood cutting boards, every kitchen’s must-have? Ours? It’s handmade in the USA from sustainable maple, it’s solid and it comes complete with your choice of custom design. Durable, stylish and personalized, this cutting board’s set to see a chef through a lifetime of cooking for weeknight dinners, special dinner parties and holiday feasts! Pair this with our set of ceramic mason jar gifts that serve as great flower vases, kitchen storage containers, or even a key hook! Personalized kitchen gifts don’t get any more practical than this.

And the kitchen gift ideas and wonderful selection of gifts for baking don’t begin and end there because we feature plenty more stylish gifts for the kitchen including serving sets, kitchen towels, beautiful trivets, sturdy grill presses, coffee gifts and much more. The measure of a great gift? Fun and functionality of course. No wonder then that our delightful floral design measuring cups make for the perfect kitchen and baking gifts. Designed to add a giant pinch of fresh flavor to any kitchen, not to mention heaps of charm to any afternoon spent baking, this set features four stacked measuring cups in a wonderful little gift box.

Our culinary edible flower growing kit, culinary herb growing kit, culinary salsa growing kit, culinary basil growing kit, and culinary salad growing kit make wonderful kitchen décor and are completely functional too! Like a piece of modern art that sits on your windowsill, each kit comes with three stylish ceramic pots that fit neatly into a lovely wooden frame stand, as well as seeds for planting. Use the pots for starting seedlings for later transplant, or keep them right there on the windowsill for easy access while cooking.

For the newlywed couple that cooks together, you’ll love our incredibly giftable chefs aprons in a pair of his and hers designs emblazoned with their names. Crafted from premium cotton twill aprons and gift packaged with a premium recipe book, cooking-themed gifts don’t get any better than this. The only question? Which of the many delectable recipes featured in the book will they create first?

Shop Red Envelope and you’ll find that we have all the essential ingredients to gift success. And, rest assured, whichever foodie gift you choose, we’ll make sure you pick is beautifully arranged, presented and wrapped before it wings its way to your friend of loved one’ doorstep for their special gift occasion. It’s what makes us so popular with gift shoppers the country over. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself and check out Red Envelope today, we’re ready to put together a kitchen gift like no other.

With the advent of the reality television chef and the soaring popularity of cooking shows, kitchen gifts and baking gifts are the choice of the season. Be inspired, don an apron and pick up a wooden spoon – there’s never been a better time to learn to cook like a gourmet chef!

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