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We all make mistakes, but some require more damage control than others. Make amends with one of our I’m sorry gifts that express your regret and give them a reason to smile again!
Sympathy Lilies
2 reviews
hand-stamped mother + children necklace
137 reviews
starting at $59.00
baby elephant ring holder
622 reviews
Sympathy Peace Lily
15 reviews
$29.99 $24.99 - you save 17%
solitaire birthstone ring
119 reviews
starting at $49.00
customized circle birthstone pendant
20 reviews
starting at $140.00
languages of mom bracelet
134 reviews
Simply Fresh Fruit, Cheese & Snacks
4 reviews
starting at $59.99
message to mom charm necklaces
2 reviews
starting at $49.95
premium sympathy peace lily
4 reviews
hidden message to mom cuff
2 reviews
$99.95 $79.99 - you save 20%
Simply Fresh & Dried Fruit
starting at $59.99
gemstone meaning necklace
1 review
starting at $149.95 $69.99
sterling birthstone cuff
33 reviews
starting at $149.00
enamel large scale necklace
$149.95 $109.99 - you save 27%
Comforting Thoughts Potted White Azalea
2 reviews
$39.99 $39.99 - you save 0%
story of a lifetime
50 reviews
enamel diamond shaped drop earrings
$79.95 $49.99 - you save 37%
year of seeds
234 reviews
$89.00 $59.99 - you save 33%
chinese zodiac charm necklace
2 reviews
starting at $99.95
Medium Sympathy Basket
2 reviews
enamel stud earrings
5 reviews
$49.95 $29.99 - you save 40%
friendship bracelet
15 reviews
$69.95 $49.99 - you save 29%
enamel cocktail ring
2 reviews
$59.95 $39.99 - you save 33%
modular jewelry box
1 review
sterling birthstone stacking rings
35 reviews
starting at $59.95 $25.00
square + circle birthstone pendant
12 reviews
starting at $29.95 $19.99
oval birthstone stud earrings
16 reviews
birthstone locket
7 reviews
starting at $169.95
leather jewelry box
194 reviews
starting at $150.00
hall gallery frame set
442 reviews
skinny birthstone bracelet
55 reviews
starting at $49.99
artisan focal bangle
4 reviews
jewelry roll
16 reviews
artisan birthstone ring
21 reviews
starting at $59.00
morse code sisters necklace
31 reviews
enamel charm necklace
starting at $39.95 $29.99
chalcedony drop earrings
4 reviews
$49.95 $24.99 - you save 50%
baby giraffe ring holder
231 reviews
artisan birthstone bracelet
9 reviews
leather jewelry portfolio
22 reviews
white sapphire trio drop earrings
15 reviews
$49.95 $39.99 - you save 20%
la mer watch gift set
2 reviews
$148.95 $99.99 - you save 33%
artisan languages of love bracelet
2 reviews
starting at $129.99
large leather jewelry box
109 reviews
artisan sterling stud earrings
8 reviews
$39.95 $29.99 - you save 25%
diamond crusted heart earrings
2 reviews
$99.95 $69.99 - you save 30%
taki lowry watch
5 reviews
split hoop earrings
5 reviews
$49.95 $39.99 - you save 20%
artisan embrace gemstone necklace
1 review
$299.95 $199.99 - you save 33%
ultimate leather jewelry box
5 reviews
Juniper Bonsai
38 reviews
White Dendrobium Orchids
32 reviews

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The products above have an average rating of 4.5 / 5.0 from 3014 reviews

I'm Sorry Gifts

They say “to err is human, but to forgive is divine”. Increase your odds of receiving forgiveness, with gifts that say I’m sorry. If you’re wondering how to say you’re sorry, consider using a gift to get your feelings across. Browse our I’m sorry gifts for wife and I’m sorry gifts for girlfriend to find a bevy of ways to beg for a pardon! Classic I’m sorry gifts of flowers and gourmet desserts are great for small errors, while jewelry and spa baskets are appropriate for bigger transgressions. Get out of the doghouse a little bit faster when you select I’m sorry gifts from RedEnvelope!

Generally speaking, issues like working late every night or forgetting to fill up the tank are small mistakes – unless they happen on a regular basis. Similarly, forgetting her birthday – or your anniversary – one time can be forgiven. If you consistently forget, though, she’s sure to become increasingly upset. Big transgressions – flirting with another woman, spending shared money without telling her, or spilling private secrets to your friends and family – only need to happen once. Hopefully she has a three strikes rule, but a huge mistake might be a deal breaker. Mitigate the fallout with a prompt – and impressive – apology gift or two. Our romantic gifts for her might be a good starting point…

These gifts – and the errors that make them necessary – come in varying levels of intensity. The first step in selecting an I’m sorry gift is to determine how upset she is. You might think that you’ve committed a minor offense, but she could see it as a huge betrayal. Select a gift that corresponds with her level of anger, and not your perception of how angry she should be. Otherwise, it might just make things worse. It’s better to err on the side of big apology gifts – yes, that means roses and jewelry for her! – than to offend her more with an unimpressive present.

Flowers for her are a reliable choice for saying you’re sorry. Roses are a classic way to send regrets, and the various hues express different sentiments. A dark red rose, for example, symbolizes shame. Dark pink roses can express thankfulness, which tells your wife or girlfriend that you truly appreciate her. If you’ve been falsely accused, you might opt for flowers that represent innocence, like white roses, freesia, gerbera daisies, and baby’s breath. Up the ante by purchasing a two-day delivery set, and send her a double-dose of I’m sorry. One such gift delivers potted pink roses the first day, and six giant dipped strawberries on day two. She might be able to resist roses, but our fancy dipped berries are another story entirely! Boxes of chocolate truffles, bouquets of flower-shaped butter crème cookies, and whimsical brownie pops will also help her to move on.

Some apologies aren’t complete without something sparkly, and we have the perfect gifts in mind. Our “diamonds” and roses bouquet combines two dozen elegant, long stem red roses with five sprays of glittering rhinestones. If that isn’t enough, perhaps a piece of diamond jewelry will assuage her anger? Anything that represents your devotion to the relationship, like an eternity band or infinity symbol pendant, will send the right message. Diamonds tend to speak for themselves, but we suggest preparing an apology speech just in case. Heart jewelry, and personalized engraved jewelry, will also lift her spirits. Hopefully the corners of her smile will lift as well!

Make amends the best way you can, with I’m sorry gifts for girlfriend and wife. It is the thought that counts, and your efforts will be recognized. She might not be ready to forgive you just yet, but at least you’re making progress! RedEnvelope’s full selection of apology gifts for her is the best way to show your regret to the one that you love.

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