How to Write Thank You Cards for Baby Shower Gifts

Stephanie MojicaNovember 15, 2010


Now that your long-awaited baby shower is over, you are ready to write thank you notes to your guests are well as the women who lovingly hosted your special event. Expectant moms have so much to do, but procrastinating on the social grace of thanking shower guests for their gifts can create unnecessary drama during this special time of your life. Fortunately, you can write brief thank you cards to each guest without spending a lot of time or money to complete this task.

Step 1

Buy thank you cards with envelopes at a local store or at your favorite online vendor. If you don't have postage stamps, buy these as well. You might also want to buy a colorful pen or stickers to add personality to each note. Consider buying special gifts for those ladies who hosted your baby shower; you might want to gift them with something like a "Forever Friends" ring or a "Soul Friend" personalized necklace from the RedEnvelope website.

Step 2

Review the list of gifts and gift-givers if your hostesses gave one to you. Otherwise, you need to carefully review each gift and its card to make your own list. Your hostesses should have the addresses of each person who attended your baby shower if you don't have every guest's postal address handy.

Step 3

Write a personal greeting at the beginning of each card, such as, "Dear Aunt Mary." Using names in thank you notes is always a nice touch. Next, write a brief expression of gratitude and the planned use of the gift such as, "Thank you for the lovely booties for my future daughter Wendy." If your energy permits, you can elaborate on how nice it was to see the person at your baby shower. You might also want to thank her for other nice things she's done for you and your family in the past, such as babysitting your other kids. Be sure to sign your baby shower thank you card with an appropriate closing depending upon your relationship with the recipient, such as "Love, Anne" or "Yours truly, Anne."

Step 4

Place the card in an envelope. Address it with the recipient's information as well as your own, stamp it and seal it. You can mail them each day from your home mailbox as you wish. Repeat these steps until you've completed the entire list.


Thank you cards with envelopes

List of gifts and gift-givers' names and addresses



Remember that while writing thank you notes for special occasions such as a baby shower sometimes feels exhausting, people are more likely to offer you and your family additional memorable gifts in the future if you faithfully practice this type of social courtesy.

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