How to Christmas Wrap & Tie Ribbons on Gifts

Joanna DudleyNov 17, 2010


Any Christmas gift can look like a million bucks when wrapped up festively. Color coordinate your gifts and ribbons for a well-designed look. If you plan on storing gifts under your Christmas tree a while before giving them away, choose wrapping paper that matches your tree or home decor. Gather your supplies and work on a clean, flat surface.

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Wrap Your Gift

Step 1

Unroll your wrapping paper a few feet on your flat surface. The wrapping paper needs to be wrong side up.

Step 2

Center the gift on the wrapping paper.

Step 3

Fold the edge of the wrapping paper over half of the package. Secure the wrapping paper onto the package. Hold it in place with tape.

Step 4

Flip the gift over carefully. Pull the wrapping paper over the gift. The paper should cover the gift, wrapping it entirely with a few extra inches overlapping.

Step 5

Cut the wrapping paper away from the roll. Tape the wrapping paper into place by attaching tape to the gift and paper.

Step 6

Move to the side of the gift. Make a diagonal fold from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.

Step 7

Make a diagonal fold from the upper right corner to the lower left corner.

Step 8

Cut any excess paper from the two sides you folded in. Flip the bottom of the paper up, making a V shape. Tape the fold in place.

Step 9

Do the same for the opposite side of the package.

Candy Stripe Ribbons

Step 1

Place the package upside down on the flat surface. The tape side should be facing you.

Step 2

Tape the end of the ribbon to the upper right corner of the package. Use double-sided tape to make the package look neat.

Step 3

Wrap the ribbon around the package once carefully. Tape the ribbon securely around the back an inch or two lower than the previous ribbon.

Step 4

Wrap the ribbon around the package again. Evenly space the ribbon around the package. Continue until you have a pretty candy stripe design on your package.

Step 5

Clip the ribbon and secure it in place on the underside of the package. Place a fluffy red bow on the package and secure it with tape.


  • Shiny silver foil wrapping paper
  • Invisible tape
  • Scissors
  • Red ribbon
  • Fluffy red bow


Embellish your package with a candy cane or candy cane-shaped Christmas card.

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