Wishing Well Baby Shower Gifts

Anna ScanlonAugust 13, 2010


Many parents are opting for a wishing well at their baby shower, which is usually a place for friends or family members to place cards, written wishes for the new baby, gift certificates, money and very small baby gifts. Some moms-to-be may want to pull the cards and gifts out during the party and read them aloud. You can get creative with a wishing well gift, but you must make sure it fits into the allotted space without taking it over.

Contact the Party Organizer

Contact the person organizing the party if you are unsure of the size of the wishing well. This will help you make a decision on what to give. Most wishing wells are small, though, so you'll need to be thinking about small items that will fit into a card, such as a gift certificates.

Review the Registry

Browse any registry that the mother is on to get an idea of what she wants. If you would like, you can purchase a gift certificate to the store she is registered at to make sure she gets what she wants or needs. If she isn't registered, you can simply purchase a gift certificate for a nearby baby store or write a check for an amount of you feel comfortable giving.

Find a Small Gift

Purchase a very small gift, if you wish, making sure it will fit into an envelope. Ideas include RedEnvelope's mother and child necklace, a sterling silver chain with pendants brandishing the Chinese characters for mother and son or daughter, or a small packet of seeds for the mother to plant flowers in honor of her child's birth.

Give a Thoughtful Card

Include a card with your gift. It can be handmade or store bought, but should include a thank you to the mother and well wish for her new baby. You might also want to include a special quote that pertains to the occasion.