Wedding Gifts for a New Husband

Monica PatrickSeptember 18, 2010


After the wedding is over, a new husband can feel a little disoriented and maybe even overwhelmed by his new status. A wedding gift just for him is nice way to show your love and best wishes to the groom. Consdier giving a wedding gift that supports his hobbies or special interests.

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Man Cave Gifts

The new groom needs to know it is okay to have a man cave. While being part of a new couple is enjoyable, everyone needs personal time. Encourage the new husband to carve out his own cozy corner in his new digs with some items to display in his man-cave. RedEnvelope's Personalized Signs are funny decorations he can hang in his den or home bar area. Choose between six sports themes, and have his name included on the sign. These wooden signs are 18 inches tall and 14 inches wide. Every sign is hand painted and crafted to order. Another great gift for his "man-cave" are unique beer gifts like monogrammed pub glasses, personalized bottle openers or a home brewing kit.

Leather Gifts

Leather is a sturdy material that looks masculine and rugged. Buy the new husband some stylish gifts made from rich brown leather. RedEnvelope's Leather Excursion Kit is a priceless gift for the man who travels. Before he jets off on his honeymoon, give the groom this leather bag to hold his toiletries and travel necessities. This practical gift comes with a hanging hook and easy to snap closures. There are four pockets inside; each has a removable carrying case. The canvas lining snaps in and out and cleans easily. He can put wet garments in the mesh pocket. Order the optional plaque and have his initials engraved on it. This luxurious gift is reminiscent of a gentleman's traveling bag from the 1900s. Another idea is a set of leather belts with interchangeable metal buckles.

Sporting Activities

Since the wedding, he may find he likes staying home more. Provide him with some backyard games to enjoy as he chills out around the house. A backyard golf tee set will allow him to work on his stroke close to home. Choose a set that has a ball net, tees and easy to find colored balls. A horseshoe set is nice to have when he wants to spend some time with his friends and family. Alternately, you might provide him with a pair of tickets to see his favorite ball team play.

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