Valentine Office Gifts

Monica PatrickJanuary 12, 2011


Break up the monotony of the work day by commemorating Valentine's Day with light-hearted Valentine's Day gifts for your boss and coworkers. Your choices should be tasteful and in keeping with office policy, but they can be entertaining and thoughtful.

ledge gallery frame set
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Picture Frames

Pictures and photo frames offer a nice way to jazz up an otherwise boring cubicle or office. Small magnetic picture frames that adhere to metal surfaces make nice decorations for a wall or desk. Select a heart-shaped frame or one in the shape of the word "love." If you have coworkers who are parents, give them Dad and Mom Frames from RedEnvelope. Each frame holds two 4-by-6-in. photos and has a special message written on the front. The magnetic closures make traveling with the photo set a cinch. Choose between a brown frame for office dads or a pink one for moms

Office Toys

An innovative office toy can keep coworkers from becoming restless. RedEnvelope's Buckyballs Magnetic Desk Toys are real crowd pleasers. These super-magnetized toys are moldable, enabling you to make endless 3-D sculptures and shapes. Each set comes with 216 black-nickel or gold-plated buckyballs. A carrying case keeps the 5 mm balls together.

Office Goodies

Give your fellow workers some office goodies with a Valentine's theme. Heart-shaped paper clips and notepads are inexpensive but useful presents. Hand out mouse pads that have a love theme or with a cutout feature so your friends can add their own photographs. Computer screen pom-pom creatures with funny sayings attached to their feet are classic office goodies.

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