About Valentine's Gifts for Teachers

Mark Rhyman January 12th, 2011


With all the excitement of handing out cards and treats to fellow classmates, students may sometimes forget that their teacher deserves some attention on the holiday as well. Even a small valentines gift on Valentine's Day can show her a family's appreciation for all the hard work and dedication she shows year-round.

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Gift Basket

Valentine's gift baskets are another favorite gift to give to teachers. Fill the basket with chocolates, baked goods and supplies she'll need throughout the year, such as stationery, pencils and erasers. Make your own basket, buy a premade one or buy one and add some extra items yourself. RedEnvelope offers several gift baskets to choose from, including the Cherry Moon Treasures Basket, featuring fruit, nuts and chocolate.

Gift Card

Gift cards are ideal for both you and the teacher. They take some of the guesswork out of gift giving. It can be tough to decide on something appropriate for a teacher whose personal life you may not know a lot about. A gift certificate to a nice restaurant, movie theater or mall offers a thoughtful way of giving something you know she can use and enjoy.


Instead of just giving a gift from your family for Valentine's Day, get the class involved to create a memorable scrapbook as Valentine's gift for the teacher. Attend class events throughout the start of the year and document them by taking pictures and collecting memorabilia, such as the program from a school play. Take pictures of the students and ask them to write a short letter of appreciation to their teacher. Collect all of these items in a scrapbook.

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