Valentine Gifts for a Male Friend

Erin SchreinerJanuary 16, 2011


Take some time this Valentine's Day to show your male friend just how much you care. While you likely don't want to lavish this guy with flowers and chocolates as you would someone with whom you have a more romantic connection, you can make your esteem apparent by selecting a thoughtful and friend-appropriate present.

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Men's Sterling Tag Necklace

While you likely don't want to present the man in your life with men's jewelry that conveys a romantic connotation, you can still give him a masculine piece to add to his current collection. The Men's Sterling Tag Necklace from RedEnvelope is perfect for this occasion because it does not convey any notions of romance. This piece is crafted of sterling silver and can be customized with the recipient's initials or a short phrase. Select a quote about friendship, or have an inside joke engraved onto the piece, as a way to make this gift even more appropriate for your friend.

Monogrammed Brander

If your best bud is king of the grill, give him the Monogrammed Brander from RedEnvelope that he can use to mark his meat creations. It's crafted of steel and comes with a cedar plank from which to hang it. Select two or three initials. Your friend may decide that some mid-winter grilling is in order.

Bottle Opener

A useful bottle opener makes the prefect Valentine's gift for your drinking buddy. Select a generic bottle opener, or make the gift more personal by finding one with accents relevant to him, such as the logo of his favorite sports team. Select an opener that can be engraved and have a playful message, such as a portion of a popular drinking song, placed on.

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