Valentine's Day Gifts for New Dads

Tina Smith-AndersonFeb, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift for New Dads

As you set out selecting a Valentine's gift for the new dad in your life, select something that is reflective not only of the love you feel for him, but also the love that he now shares with his new tiny tot. By picking a gift that is reflective of his new role as a father, you can turn Valentine's Day into a celebration of all kinds of love and allow your recipient to, once again, celebrate the new addition to his growing family.

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Dad Cuff Links

Give the new dad in your life a token of his proud papa status that he can add to his work-ready apparel by buying him Dad Cuff Links. These understated accessories, available from RedEnvelope, are crafted of stainless steel. They feature a shiny finish and beveled-square design and could add a touch of elegance to any cuff-link-ready shirt. Each link features the word, "DAD," engraved on the bottom right side of the square, making the pieces indicative of the new dad's diaper-duty without giving the pieces a garish look.

Dad Brag Book

Toting pictures of their kids is a popular pastime among fathers. This Valentine's Day, give the new dad in your life a book specifically designed to house pictures of his tiny tot. Purchase a small photo album, allowing the dad to tuck it easily into his brief case or office desk drawer. Select an album with the words dad or family embossed in the cover to make the gift even more appropriate for the housing of family photos. This gift is particularly apt if the new father has yet to venture back to work, as he can fill this gift with pictures to share with his eager co-workers upon his return.

Dad's Circle of Life Necklace

If you expect your husband to present you with jewelry this Valentine's Day, prepare to return the favor by buying him a masculine jewelry piece indicative of his new fatherly role. Buy your guy the Dad's Circle of Life Necklace from RedEnvelope as a masculine and dad-themed addition to his current jewelry collection. The necklace consists of a brushed sterling silver square inscribed with a daddy-themed quote, adding a touch of sentimentality to the Valentine's gift. The pendant hangs on a brown, faux-suede cord, creating a rustic look and making the gift ideal for earthy dads.

Daddy and Me Photo Shoot Gift Certificate

This Valentine's Day, give your guy the gift of memories by buying him a gift certificate to cover a photo shoot with him and his new addition. Buy certificate to a local photographer and make an appointment for this memory-capturing event. Either place this gift certificate with a note of the appointment time in his Valentine's card, or make the gift a bit more special by purchasing a frame and placing the certificate in the photo viewing window. After the photo shoot, your recipient can fill the frame with a print of his favorite shot.

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