Valentine's Day Gifts for a New Relationship

Lauren Knight-BenningFeb, 2011

Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas

While you may not want to give your new girl a gift that is as decidedly romantic as one that you would bestow on a long-held flame, you should still give this special someone a token of your esteem on Valentine's Day. Instead of picking a gift that is all about love, pick something that your new partner can use everyday, showing her that you are thinking of her on this special day.

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Cashmere Two-Tone Scarf

Delight your new sweetie with a scarf that she can don to stave off the winter cold this Valentine's Day. Give her the Cashmere Two-Toned Scarf from RedEnvelope as a delightful elegant wardrobe addition. This scarf provides supreme comfort and softness, and is craft of 100-percent cashmere. The accessory is available in an assortment of hues and can be customized with up to three initials, allowing you to make the gift a more personal present for your new relationship partner.

Favorite Book

Share your passions with your new partner on Valentine's Day by giving her a copy of your favorite book. Buy your new special someone a new copy of this text that you hold most dear. Write a message on the book interior, personalizing the gift and creating a written expression of your feelings. When presenting the gift, tell her why you are such a fan of the book in question, and tell her how important it is to you that you get to know each other and continue your budding love affair. Inquire as to her favorite text, and promise to read her favorite book if she takes the time to explore yours.


If your new girl has a passion for environmental friendliness, give her a gift that she can use to keep the planet a little greener this Valentine's Day. Buy her a set of Envirosax from RedEnvelope. These polyester bags come in an assortment of patterns, allowing you to select one that is sure to please your Valentine's Day sweetie. The bags, which are crafted of polyester are sturdy enough to stand up to grocery shopping use, and each comes complete with a small pouch into which you can tuck the bag when not in use, giving your girl the option of stowing these totes away in her purse.

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