Valentine's Gifts for Best Friends

Bob DobbsJan 25th, 2011


Valentine's Day is a celebration of love in its many forms. This includes friendship, especially best friends. Giving a Valentine's Day gift to your best friend is a nice way to show you appreciate for her, particularly when given with a card expressing your deep feelings.

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Jewelry can be given to both male and female best friends on Valentine's Day. For either a man or a woman, watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings (if his or her ears are pierced), are all appropriate. For women, brooches are another option, and for men, cuff links. There are also friend specific pieces of jewelry to consider, such as friendship bracelets, necklaces and rings. RedEnvelope carries a friendship ring called Meanings of Friendship and a necklace called Soul Friends.

Framed Pictures

A framed picture, or several framed pictures, makes for a sentimental and thoughtful present for a best friend. Make sure to find a picture, or pictures, where you both look good and which express a happy mood. You can buy a frame which holds several pictures and create a collage of photographs of the two of you throughout the years, if you've been friends for a while.


Valentine's Day candy is often given as part of a romantic gift, but it works just as well for platonic relationships. A candy basket is a good choice if you're not sure exactly what kind of candy your best friend would prefer, or if you want to give him several of his favorites. Typical Valentine candy include message hearts and chocolates in a heart shaped box. Baked goods are also appropriate and can be included in a gift basket with selected candies.

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