Valentine Gifts for a Couple

Erin SchreinerFeb, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift for Couples

While Valentine's Day is traditionally a day on which couples give each other presents, you can also use this holiday as an opportunity to give a gift to the couple you hold most dear to your heart. Whether the couple closest to you is your parents, a sister and her partner, or just a set of dear friends, you can present these love-birds with a duo of gifts to show them that you notice and appreciate the love they share.

Key to Your Heart Locket and Cuff Links

Give the cute couple in your life matching accessories by buying them the Key to Your Heart Locket and Cuff Links. This RedEnvelope set contains a pair of sterling silver lock-shaped cuff links for him and a sterling silver heart-shaped locket for her. Each of these pieces can be customized with up to one monogram, allowing you to make them unique for the special couple in question.

His-and-Hers Luggage

If the couple in your life is about to be wed and head off on a honeymoon, or if they are just going to hit the road on a trip in the upcoming months, consider giving them a set of his-and-hers luggage. Buy two suitcases in matching or complimentary hues to ensure that each partner has a luggage piece for their trip. To make the gift even more thoughtful, have each luggage piece monogrammed with the initials of the recipient. If the couple is about to be wed, consider having the female recipient's new monogram placed on the bag instead of her old. She will likely delight in seeing this new name representation upon opening her Valentine's present.

Hand in Hand Family Frame

Present your favorite couple with a set of frames to decorate their home by buying them the Hand in Hand Family Frame. This frame set, available from RedEnvelope, features metal characters designed to look like adult and children family members. These figures each contain a round frame on the figure face, allowing you to add images of the couple in question to customize the gift. If this is a gift for a couple that has yet to add children to their family, buy the adult male and female frames. If the couple has children, represent the tikes with their own small frames to complete the display piece.

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