Valentine Gift Ideas for Dad

Tara Allen-BaxterFeb, 2011

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dad

Use Valentine's as an opportunity to show your dad just how much you love him this year. By buying your dad a thoughtful Valentine's token, you can make it clear that he is the one you will always turn to in times of need and that everything he has done for you is appreciated. As you set out to procure your pop the perfect present, seek something meaningful and reflective of the relationship you share as father and child.

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Family Handprint Frame

This Valentine's Day, give dad a display piece in which he can place an image of his beloved family with the Family Handprint Frame. This frame, available from RedEnvelope, features an espresso finish and has an engravable plaque that can hold up to 25 characters of personalization, allowing you to add the family name to the gift. The kit comes with a large photo mat and tempera paints with which each family member can make a handprint. Either give your dad the kit unopened, or complete the first several steps of the process and present him with a mat containing his family member's handprints along with a picture of his beautiful family.

Fatherhood Quote Cuff Links

Give the dad in your life an accessory piece that represents his fatherly status this Valentine's Day by buying him the Fatherhood Quote Cuff Links from RedEnvelope. These cufflinks are crafted of stainless steel, and each contains a quote on the topic of fatherhood from Abraham Lincoln. The links feature a slightly concave design that makes them even more attractive and attention-getting. This gift is a particularly wise choice for the father who has to dress up for work frequently.

Father Themed Picture Book

If you can't find the words to tell your dad how much you truly care, buy a piece of literature that completes the task for you. Select a picture book that depicts a father-child relationship, such as "Oh,Daddy!" by Bob Shea, "My Father Knows the Names of Things" by Jane Yolen, or "My Father is Taller Than a Tree" by Joseph Bruchac. Each of these tales shows a loving father-child relationship and may be effective in showing your dad just how much you value him this Valentine's Day even if you lack the words to say it yourself.

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