Unique Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Linda RayMay 20, 2010


It can be difficult to come up with an inexpensive Christmas gift that is unique year after year, especially if money is tight. Check out all the new electronics on the market, especially for those people on your list who like having the latest gadgets. Surprise others with food they may not have seen before, or consider a piece of jewelry that won't break the bank and that can be personalized.

See below for great under $50 ideas.

whimsy animal wine opener
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Pictures make great sentimental Christmas gifts. Start planning early and take pictures of those on your Christmas list in funny, tender or memorable poses. Print off the copies you like best. Arrange the pictures in a collage or mount one special picture in a frame from RedEnvelope, such as the Locket Key Chain or Storybook Frame. If you've taken a lot of good shots, load them on an inexpensive Digital Photo Key Chain that holds up to 60 pictures and has a rechargeable battery that provides up to two hours of viewing time.


There is a wide range of gadgets, gizmos, and toolsgadgets that you can give without spending a lot. USB flash drives are available in a variety of models made for keychains, to be worn around the neck or in a cool case. Tools, video games, GPS units and digital cameras are getting smaller and less expensive every year. The Magwear Magnetic Wristband at RedEnvelope is an inexpensive little gadget that is made to hold screws and nails, paper clips or other small items while the wearer works. The 3-inch-square super magnet helps keep track of all those little necessities.


Take advantage of some of the new cooking tools your recipient might enjoy, bake up your own batch of original treats or spend just a little more for gourmet specialties. RedEnvelope offers a number of unique cooking gifts for guys and gals on your list, including the Sliders Mini-burger Cooking Set, Beer Can Chicken Roaster, Love Message Aluminum Measuring Cups and Heart Measuring Spoons. The Cedar Grilling Planks come complete with spices.

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