Unique Godmother Gifts

Erin SchreinerMarch 5, 2010


In many religions, the role of godmother comes with a serious responsibility. Historically, godparents are supposed to work with the child and help him develop his religious beliefs and continue on a righteous path. In modern times, many people look at godparents as the secondary parents who will act as guardians if something happens to the parents. When you select a friend or family member to act as your child's spiritual parent, it's customary to thank her with a meaningful and well-thought-out gift.

Heart Pendant

Godmothers commonly play an active role in the child's development and see the child through important life events. Capture this love and devotion in a gift by presenting the godmother with a heart pendant. Consider the Hearts Embrace Pendant, available on This silver and diamond necklace features a small heart within a larger one. The larger heart is almost hugging the smaller, much as the godmother may hold her godchild close.

kris nations birthstone necklace
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eternity focal pendant
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Home Decor Gift

By presenting your child's godmother with a meaningful home decor item, she can look upon the memento of her assignment as godmother daily. Select something relatively plain yet full of meaning to ensure that it remains a part of her home even if she chooses to redecorate. The Twisted Candlesticks, available from, offer simple beauty with clear meaning. The two candlesticks in this design wrap around one another, showing unity.

Eternity-Themed Jewelry

Eternity-themed jewelry conveys an endless relationship and the love that comes with it. The Double Infinity Necklace from is a perfect symbol of this relationship. This silver and diamond necklace features two infinity symbols, both laced with diamonds, that lay connected. This represents the endless nature of the godmother and godchild relationship, and the connection that the two have as members of the dyad.

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