Unique Gifts for New Mothers

Erin SchreinerApril 3, 2010


The birth of a baby is a time for celebration. Along with the traditional gifts presented to the new arrival, many people also elect to shower the mom with presents as recognition of her nine months of hard work. The next time you take part in welcoming a new arrival into your family or circle of friends, consider presenting the new mother with a special something to commemorate the important life event.

Hand Print Decoration

Babies' little hands and feet grow so fast as they transition from swaddled newborns to toddling tikes. Give the new mom the opportunity to capture theses petite prints by giving her a hand print decoration kit. Consider the Deluxe Baby Keepsake Kit, available on This set features a central picture frame flanked by two spaces to house a hand and foot print. It comes with plaster, allowing the proud parents to make a permanent cast of their child's hand, capturing forever the chubby fingers and tiny toes.

birth year keepsake box
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Charm Jewelry

Charms have long been used to represent the passing of important milestones. This small gift provides the recipient with a lasting reminder of the happy event. There are a wide array of charms that can be used to commemorate the birth of a baby, from an engraved tag with the baby's name and birthday to a standard stork token, representative of the fabled baby deliverer. If the new mom has a charm bracelet, give her a charm to add to her collection. If she doesn't already own one of these jewelry pieces, start her off with a charm bracelet or necklace.

Motherly Love Necklace

There are a plethora of motherly love-related necklaces that depict the tender act of a mother caring for a baby. These necklaces commonly feature a heart shape and include a mother and her child in a tender embrace. The Mother's Eternal Love Necklace from allows the new mom to keep her tiny tot in her head and near her heart.

Collage Photo Frame

The birth of a new baby is not just important to the mother, but to the whole family, who all experience the joy of welcoming a new limb into their family tree. Give the new mom a collage photo frame in which she can feature pictures of the entire family, add to it to reflect upon the family's continued growth. You can purchase a simple collage frame, or one specifically for the displaying of a family tree, such as the Family Tree Photo Frame from, which features a silver-tone tree and removable photo frame leaves that can be added with each new arrival.

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