Unique Gifts for Dads for Christmas

Anna ScanlonNovember 18, 2010


This Christmas, give your dad a holiday gift he'll never forget. When deciding on a gift for your dad this Christmas , buy him something you know he'll truly enjoy all year around. Give him a gift to help further his interests, or strengthen your relationship with him by buying a gift that promotes bonding.

graphic belt buckle
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Personalized Hammer

If your dad is especially handy around the house or works in construction, buy him a hammer that helps him show his pride for his favorite sports team while he works. Personalized hammers are great gadgets and tools for men and are sold at many home improvement stores and feature professional sports team colors and schools. RedEnvelope offers a selection of seven different football and baseball teams, so your dad can show off his affiliation as he works.

Table Topics

If your dad is all about family bonding, help him accomplish his goal by purchasing him table topic cards. During dinner, a family member will draw a topic from a list and your family will spend the meal discussing it. Use this gift to get to know things about your family members you never knew before. RedEnvelope offers pre-written family table topics that come in several different colors. Simply pick your dad's favorite hue and let the family fun begin.

Home Brewing Kit

If your dad loves tasting and discovering new beers, then help him further his interest by buying him his very own home brewery kit. With a home brewing kit, he can learn how to make beer by going through the entire process. After he's finished, he'll have his very own specially made ale to serve to family and friends. RedEnvelope offers a home brewing kit that makes up to two gallons of beer at a time and includes eight bottles (complete with caps) and eight labels.