Unique Baby Gifts for Twins

Anna ScanlonJuly 13, 2010


The birth of twins is a special and exciting occasion. Some twins are born identical, some are fraternal (meaning they didn't share an egg) and can be of the same sex or of the opposite sex. While some parents may focus on the similarities of the twins, some may want to differentiate between the two right from the beginning. Talk to the new parents before diving into purchasing a baby gift.

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Two of a Kind

If the parents of twins are not concerned at the beginning of a child's life with differentiating the two, go ahead and purchase them the same gift. You can buy them something such as matching dresses, similar baby towels, matching socks or even a customized t-shirt with the word "twin" written on it.

Somewhat Similar

If you want to purchase the twins something similar, but with their own personal twist to it, buy them a gift that can be personalized. For example, you can purchase them the same baby blanket or same style of shirt with their name printed on the front to give them an extra splash of individuality. You can also purchase them books, such as RedEnvelope's alphabet books, that feature the child's name to help him learn his name and recognize the letters. The twins can receive the same book, but his own name in it will make him feel unique.

Totally Different

For parents who want to develop a child's personality completely separate from her twin, buy something for one twin and something totally unique for the other. For example, you can purchase one twin a nightlight and the other a set of bibs. No matter what you choose, purchase two gifts that are different, but similar in size and price to prevent comparison and resentment over the gifts as the twins grow older.

Art Gifts

Art gifts for twins are a fun way to commemorate their birth, not to mention makes each gift totally unique to the child. Gifts such as RedEnvelope's Turtle Stepping Stone allow the parents to begin the craft on their own time. The stepping-stone allows for parents to press their child's hand or footprint into wet clay and then bake it, thus immortalizing the twins' small hands and feet forever. This is a great keepsake that will last for years to come.


If the twins in question have an older sibling, don't leave them out of the gifting process. It is difficult enough for an older child to see a new sibling come into the world, and not getting a gift can add insult to injury. While your main focus on gifting is for the twins, don't forget to pick up a little trinket for the sibling. It can be something as small as a teddy bear or book, just to let the child know that you were thinking of her.

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