Traditional Vs. Modern Anniversary Gifts

Mark Rhyman June 8, 2010


Anniversary gifts often carry a certain inevitable significance, usually prompting individuals to debate long and hard about what to give their significant other to mark the occasion. For those who simply can't decide on any present and want a little direction, you can always consult anniversary gift categories. There are traditional and modern gift categories, as well as flowers, allowing for some flexibility.


There are gift categories for every anniversary during the first fifteen years. They are as follows: paper (1st), cotton (2nd), leather (3rd), fruit or flowers (4th), wood (5th), candy or iron (6th), wool or copper (7th), bronze or pottery (8th), pottery or willow (9th), tin or aluminum (10th), steel (11th), silk or linen (12th), lace (13th), ivory (14th) and crystal or glass (15th). The 20th anniversary traditionally calls for china. The 25th is the silver anniversary. Jewelry works best for this year, such as RedEnvelope's good fortune necklace or stainless steel and wood bracelet. The 30th anniversary gifts callc for pearls, the 40th ruby and the 50th gold.

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Many of the same items show up on the modern gift list, though not on the same year, with the exception of gold on the 50th. Other gifts are new. The modern list includes: clocks (1st), china (2nd), crystal or glass (3rd), appliances (4th), silverware (5th), wood (6th), desk sets (7th), linens or lace (8th), leather (9th), diamond jewelry (10th), fashion jewelry (11th), pearls (12th), textiles (13th), gold jewelry (14th), watches (15th), platinum (20th), sterling silver (25th), diamond (30th), coral or jade (40th) and, as mentioned above, gold for the big 50th anniversary.


Another option lies in purchasing flowers correlating with anniversary years. Flowers can be given as a supplement to another gift.

Those flower categories are as follows: pansy (1st), cosmos (2nd), fuchsia (3rd), geranium (4th), daisy (5th), calla lily (6th), jack-in-the-pulpit (7th), clematis (8th), poppy (9th), daffodil (10th), morning glory (11th), peony (12th), hollyhock (13th), dahlia (14th), rose (15th), day lily (20th), iris (25th), sweet pea (30th), nasturtium (40th) and violet (50th).

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