Traditional Silver Baby Gifts

Monica PatrickAugust 23, 2010


Silver gifts come in a variety of shapes and you can have them personalized with a baby's name or birth date. Help a new family begin treasured family traditions with quality heirloom gifts. Whether buying a present for a first or second baby, silver is the perfect baby gift for a baby shower or a first birthday.

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Silver Utensils

Present the baby with a silver spoon set. RedEnvelope's Pewter Baby Spoon and Fork Set comes with your choice of ABCs and 123s or a picture of baby birds. This pewter set has a silver look and is lead free. It is ideal for a usable keepsake. Silver cups with dainty handles are also nice presents to give babies. A silver cup with a rounded or square body is excellent for engraving. Choose a double or single handled cup that comes in a velvet-lined storage case. This will keep the cup safe and dust-free until mom and dad are ready to let baby use it.

Silver Frames

Silver picture frames are lovely traditional gifts parents can use to display their baby’s photographs. Pick a large standing frame and have it personalized with the infant’s full name. Shadow-box style frames are also attractive and give parents plenty of room to include the baby’s hand and footprints for display. RedEnvelope’s Baby Musical Carousel Frame holds six photographs and plays “Rock a Bye Baby” as it revolves. This standing frame set is made of polished pewter that will go nicely with a silver room decor. Give a set of matching wall frames to hold pictures of the baby during his or her first year.

Silver Jewelry

Find the baby's family crest and have it cast as a pendant in silver, or present the baby’s parents with a set of silver stud earrings for the baby’s first earrings. A plain silver chain in a dainty jewelry box is a traditional gift parents will love keeping until the first birthday or first communion. Include a locket that parents can put their pictures into for the child to look at when she is older.