Top Ten Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

Monica PatrickAugust 12, 2010


Buying gifts for a boyfriend can be exciting but puzzling. It is difficult to find a present that shows your affection without being over the top. The key to making him smile is to consider his personality, hobbies and interests when buying your boyfriend a gift. However, if you are worried about blowing the budget or sending the wrong message, rely on a top 10 gift list as a safe buying guide for your sweetheart.

Beer Lovers

Your boyfriend may have his favorite, but beer lovers like trying something new. Buy your fellow a home beer making kit so he can create his own home brews. Alternatively, you could make a beer basket by adding a variety of imported beers to a wicker basket. Include a novelty beer opener as an extra gift.

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Super Guy

If your boyfriend likes all things "super," then buy gifts related to comics and superheroes. RedEnvelope's Superhero Stamp cuff Links are a charming way to make him feel special. Choose between Batman and Superman cufflinks each image taken from a historical comic book. Each set of cuff links are from postage stamps and are nickel-plated.

Football Gear

Most guys like football so buying football gift he will like is a safe bet. Buy your guy a football grilling set. The grilling set should include a football shaped brush and branding iron for steaks. Pick a football brand that displays his favorite team's mascot or name. An NFL football and a matching jersey make good gifts too.

Comfortable Gifts

Some guys enjoy comfort more than anything. If your guy likes hanging out at the house, he needs a pair of Men's Therapeutic Slippers from RedEnvelope. These gray soft fleece slippers cover the entire foot and you can have his monogram embroidered on the tops. These shoes have waterproof soles so they are perfect for running outside for the paper on a rainy day.

Spicy Gifts

Snackers love nibbling on spicy food gifts. Fill a basket with some spicy grub he can share with friends. Packets of spicy trail mix, beef jerky and zesty crackers make a nice gift. You might include some seasoning packets he can use for making his special buffalo wings. Place an apron with a chili pepper motif in the gift bag too.

Jewelry Ideas

A plain rope chain in gold or silver is a no-fail jewelry piece he will love. For guys, choose a chain length of at least 22 inches. If he already has a chain buy him a unique charm that reflects a passion of his like an American Eagle or a shark.


Gadgets are always a popular choice for boyfriends. From techie gifts to gadget tools and accessories there are a lot of possible gift options. RedEnvelope's MagWear Magnetic Wristband makes doing home and car repairs easier. This wristband keeps screws and nails in place while he completes his tasks.

Pub Signs

Personalize a pub sign for his living room or bar area. For example, you could order a sign that says "Joe's Pool Hall" or "Fred's Boston Bar." Have his name or nickname personalized on the wooden sign.

Western Gifts

Give your Lone Ranger a set of western DVDs featuring cowboy favorites like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Order a custom made cowboy hat in black or white for your guy. For fun, include a tin sheriff's star in the package.

Book Lovers

The book lover would be thrilled to receive an electronic book reader with some cool accessories. Accessories may be a book light library sharing and access to limitless amounts of books.

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