Toddler Christmas Gifts

Linda RayJune 24, 2010


Toddlers can be the easiest people to buy for at Christmas. The biggest problem is narrowing down the possibilities. You've got to consider how many toddler Christmas gifts he'll get and how yours can stand out. Toys, books, keepsakes, U.S. Treasury bonds--it can all be so overwhelming. Perhaps you can start a lifelong tradition with the toddler in your life by starting some kind of collection for him or getting him interested in an instrument. If you need brownie points with the parents, stick with clothes.

personalized rag doll
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Give your toddler a gift on which he can build a collection. Boys might enjoy collecting model cars or John Deere model tractors. Girls who collect dolls can enjoy adding to their collection. A toddler might enjoy a snow globe collection. Start him or her out with the Rocking Horse snow globe from RedEnvelope. The silver-plated base can be inscribed with the child's name and birth date or year she got it. Make a point of getting your child a globe each Christmas and when you go on vacation.


Many parents enjoy keeping track of their children's growth. Markers of time make good gifts for toddlers because they can use them for years. Picture albums made especially for a child can hold pictures you take over the years, creating a keepsake. For a more hands-on approach, consider a photo growth chart photo growth chart from RedEnvelope that hangs on the wall to mark the child's height through the years. This fabric wall hanging has three pockets for pictures of the milestones and fabric markers to chart growth. The growth chart measures up to 5-1/2 feet.


Toddlers are busy little people, and are just getting big enough to enjoy crafts and projects. They love to finger paint and build with clay. Encourage the child's creativity with books, puzzles, stickers and crafts kits. Make a game of gardening with a family growing kit from RedEnvelope. The kit comes with three ceramic pots and acrylic paint with which to paint them. Seeds are included that can be planted by the toddler and tended throughout the year. The handprint canvass kit is a great gift to memorialize the toddler. It comes with four 10-inch-square canvasses and paint for the child to imprint. Let him share the canvasses with his siblings, or encourage him to make a new canvas every Christmas to watch his hand size change.

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