How to Write a Thank You Note to Co-Workers for a Wedding Gift

Monica PatrickAugust 15, 2010


When the wedding day is over, the bride and groom's duties have not ended; there are thank you notes to write. Writing thank you notes to family members and immediate friends may be a cinch, but jotting a message to co-workers may be a little tougher. Coworkers likely chipped in for your wedding gifts, so it is important that you word your message in a way that is inclusive rather than exclusive. Write a thank you message that shows your appreciation to the people you work with.

Step 1

Begin your thank you message with the proper greeting. If you received a card with your wedding gift that lists the names of the givers, then you may include them here. An example would be "Dear Jane, John and Emily." However, if the card was vague or you have reason to believe everyone who gave was not listed, begin your greeting in a more general manner. "Dear friends" or "My friends" are good ways to begin your thank you.

Step 2

Write the first paragraph of the note. This should only be a few sentences long. In this section, remark on how you felt about receiving their gift. You might say something like "I was so moved to receive the ..." or "You made my wedding shower a day I will never forget."

Step 3

Move down below the paragraph to detail how you are using the gift. This section should also be brief. You might say something like "Ken and I use the toaster every morning" or "The gift card helped us pick up the extras we needed around the house."

Step 4

Finalize your thank you with an extra, deliberate "thank you." For example, "Thank you all for your kindness." Sign the card with your name, as you are known at work. If no one calls you by your first name at work, then do not sign it with your first name. Sign it "J. Smith" or "Mrs. Jane Smith." If first names are allowable at work, then it is okay to sign it using your first name.

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