Surprise Gifts for My Wife

Chuck WoodsonFeb 2011

Surprise Gifts for My Wife

Chapman's 1992 book, "The 5 Love Languages," one of the five ways some wives measure love is by receiving thoughtful tokens. Unlike materialism, the "gift language" demonstrates to your spouse that you are thinking of her and you love her. You never know when your "surprise" gift may be the mood lifter your wife needs.

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Jewelry and Accessories

Sparkling, personalized jewelry will be a gift that is all her own. Purchase a sterling silver necklace with a unique pendant that you can engrave with a romantic inscription. RedEnvelope has a personalized message necklace that allows you to write up to two lines of text. Buy a gold-toned necklace with a dangling heart pendant. Surprise her by placing the gift on her pillow at bedtime or in her desk at work. For the wife who has a nice jewelry collection, give her a leather standing jewelry box or a jewelry roll bag. Other surprise ideas are a pearl ring, diamond earrings or nameplate bracelet.

Relaxation Gifts

Astonish her with relaxing gifts that will sooth her tired muscles. Buy a portable shiatsu massage unit that she can use whenever she likes. Visit her favorite spa and pick up a gift certificate for a prepaid massage and facial. Pick up a gift card from her regular manicurist for a special pedicure and leg massage. Present your gift by sliding it into a greeting card and tucking it under her pillow. Purchase a basket of spa goodies like scented bath oil, bath salts and lotions. For the wife who likes snuggling, give her a terry spa robe or a micro fleece lounging jacket from RedEnvelope. Some other ideas are vanilla-scented candles, a relaxation CD or a spa sound machine.

Hobbies and Interests

Surprise her with gifts that encourage her hobbies or interests. For the aspiring cook, give a personalized apron that reads "Mrs." or "Kiss the Cook." Purchase a set of culinary gadgets or a holiday cookbook. For a sporty wife, surprise her with a new pair of running shoes or a stylish tracksuit. Book readers will love leather-bound classics or romance novels. Electronic book readers are also good gifts. If your wife loves music, buy her an MP3 player with gel ear buds. If she likes classic movies, buy her Blu-ray DVDs of her favorite musicals, dramas or love stories. Place the gifts in a spot that will really surprise her, like the laundry hamper, kitchen drawer or in her car. Add a note card to your gift to identify yourself as the giver.

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