Special Gifts for Expecting Mothers

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Pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation. During this special time, family and friends often lavish the mom-to-be with gifts for baby. If you find yourself in the position of providing a present to a soon-to-be-mother, consider some uncommon ideas that can allow the recipient to both enjoy the remainder of her pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of her bundle of joy.

Pregnancy Theme Necklace

Many women lament the toll that pregnancy takes on their body and spend the majority of their term bemoaning the fact that they feel less than beautiful. Help the expectant mother in your life feel a little more attractive by presenting her with a beautiful gift of jewelry that she can wear no matter what size she reaches. Select a piece that represents pregnancy or motherhood, such as the Pea in a Pod Necklace from RedEnvelope, which features a silver toned pea pod full of pearl peas. Not only will the recipient of this thoughtful jewelry gift wear the bauble for the remainder of her pregnancy, but she will also cherish it as a memento of the special time for years to come.

Belly Casting Kit

The burgeoning belly that accompanies pregnancy makes the exciting event that is about to occur visually evident. Allow the expectant mother to capture the one-of-a-kind shape of her pregnant belly by presenting her with a belly casting kit. These pre-packaged craft sets contain everything the expectant mother needs to take an at-home cast of her belly. The mother can keep this cast as a reminder of the pregnancy or even have it mounted and turned into household art.

Personalized Book

Give the mother-to-be special baby keepsake to do with her new arrival by providing her with a personalized story book. Check out the Personalized Animal Storybook from RedEnvelope. By filling in information, like the soon-to-arrive baby's name, you can build a book that features the tike in an original adventure.

Digital Camera

There is no moment more vital to capture on camera than the birth of a child. To ensure that the mother-to-be is prepared to document the event in photographs, give her a digital camera. After the arrival of the baby, the mom will likely want to snap shots constantly to capture every important moment. Digital cameras allow the mother to shoot and print to her heart's content as she enjoys the joy of new parenthood, as well as easily share the photos with family and friends.

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