Silly Valentine Gifts for Him

Douglas RobertsJan, 2011

Silly Valentine Gifts for Him

The 1937 hit song "My Funny Valentine" was the collaborative work of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. Later, musical greats like Frank Sinatra and Chet Baker sang this song along with hundreds of other stars. This unconventional tune about a Valentine's questionable appeal shows that Valentines and their admirers do not have to be super-romantic. Give your funny Valentine a light-hearted gift that appeals to his silly side.

Cartoon and Comic Gifts

Many men treasure cartoons from their youth. Capitalize on this youthful infatuation by giving a retro DVD cartoon collection. Buy cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo or Popeye. If he likes comics, pick up a cartoon or superhero comic that is missing from his collection. RedEnvelope has a set of superhero comic cuff links that are stylish and silly. For the really silly guy in your life, purchase a cape and a mask or a t-shirt with Superman "S" on the front.

Valentine Gear

If he enjoys wacky apparel, buy him a heart headband to wear. For the man who thoroughly enjoys silliness, give a hat with an arrow through it or a cupid sitting atop it. Buy a novelty t-shirt that has a silly saying like "No cupids allowed" or "Cupid-proof." Other ideas are a matching heart tie and handkerchief, a pair of bright-heart patterned socks, or a Valentine heart necklace that lights up.

Gag Gifts and Gadgets

Men that like goofy toys will like getting gag gifts and gadgets. RedEnvelope offers a playful but useful gadget -- a squirrel-shaped nutcracker. Pull the squirrel's tail to crack the nuts. For an office worker, choose a fat cupid with a USB connector in his stomach, a talking desk alarm or Valentine stress balls. For construction workers, choose a talking lunchbox that says "I love you Valentine" every time he opens it. Give the gag-lover a bag of tricks or a book of prank suggestions. Other ideas include a invisible ink-squirting rose, gross-out Valentine candy, or naughty conversation hearts.

Bad Cook Gifts

Give men who are cooking challenged a culinary prank gift like an apron that has a warning label printed on the front. Other ideas include a portable smoke alarm, bear paw oven mitts, plastic foods and cookbooks for bad cooks. Purchase a set of magnetized cooking sayings for the refrigerator, like "Eat at your own risk." Or, choose kabob sticks with heart-shaped handles or a giant spoon or fork.

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